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Online Reputation Management (ORM)

We live in a world today where information travels at the speed of light thanks to the Internet of course. In the old days, “reputation” used to spread via word-of-mouth. With the advent of newspapers, news both good and bad, information began to be reported to increasingly larger audiences. But newspapers had editorial oversight and control. Newspapers are not in the business of smearing people or maligning anyone’s reputation for the most part. Of course, some unethical newspapers or magazines may even engage in spreading falsehoods. When public personalities are faced with the situation of publications making malicious or slanderous statements or publishing any baseless or unfounded rumors or allegations, they often fight back by filing court cases for libel.

Online Reputation Management

The old rules of the game, where a person who has been maligned sues the person or publication, have changed irrevocably and forever. The Internet has made publishing stuff on the Internet laughably easy; child’s play in fact. This is a double edged sword as on the one hand, good stuff about many unknown heroes that would earlier remained known only in a particular geographical locality can now spread worldwide, but on the other hand, it has also become maddeningly easy to post slanderous material about anybody online using various tools for anonymity. In a landscape of millions of blogs and thousands of news websites, it’s absolutely impossible to know what might be written about someone in some corner of the Internet. The job of the search engines is to curate this ever growing torrent of information. All we can ensure is to check the search engines to see how we fare. We offer many different types of Reputation Management Services for a variety of clients across the globe.

Why Should You Care?

Online reputation is really a function of the public profile of a person. If you talk about Hollywood celebrities, national level politicians, media stars, billionaires, and others searching for their names in Google or Bing will show millions of results. What matters of course are the links that appear on the front and second page of the search results; the top 10 or maybe even 20 links. Usually, for public personalities, one of the top (if not the topmost) results will be a link to their Wikipedia page. If these personalities have a personal website or any active Twitter or other Social Media outlet, Google will most probably display those links too. This pattern repeats for non-famous people as well. As our lives become more and more online and the Internet becomes an ever more integral part of modern society, Google search results of almost anybody will show links that can show a person in a positive light, a neutral light, or a negative light. If business professionals, entrepreneurs, doctors, financial planners, architects, real estate professionals and people in a hundred other similar professions want to do well and make progress in their professions, they need to take care of their online reputation. Professional rivals or a onetime disgruntled employee/colleague/junior/superior may post content online that may show you in a negative light. For the younger generation that lives out their lives entirely online, this problem of online reputation will only get worse. It is becoming an official policy in more and more places for job recruiters to Google potential employees during the hiring process. A lot is at stake for people in senior management, aspiring entrepreneurs, and professionals now more than ever before.

Online Reputation Management — Mind Digital Differentiation

The reputation management professionals at Mind Digital are focused on ensuring that the page 1 and page 2 search results or more if you want should not show any negative links/results about a client. We also work on Google auto suggestions and tweaking them to remove any negative suggestions. People mostly do not bother to click on Page 3 or 4 of the Google search results. Hence, if we can ensure that page 1 and page 2 of the search results are filled with exclusively positive links referencing the person, the problem if any is taken care of.

We employ a variety of techniques to accomplish this result including creating new websites, registering new domains as needed and using various manual actions to push up the value of a link in the Google search results. Just as Wiki links are usually the first link to appear when you search for a reputed person, there are other reputed websites that Google likes to value. Hence, having your name linked to websites such as The New York Times, The Economist, The Guardian, The Financial Times of London, etc. can be valuable. This can be accomplished by creating an account with those publications and then posting comments using your real name.

We have flexibility in how we take care of Online Reputation Management for clients. Some Online Reputation Management problems may be easy to take care of while others may be more difficult and may require more work to reach a solution. Our offshore operation model ensures that we have access to affordable manpower to take care of all the aspects of Online Reputation Management. Hence, our rates are not only flexible but also affordable for all of our clients. We have a tiered rate structure and flexible payment plans where clients can pay the fees over a period of time. Our rates are linked to how much effort is needed to be put into a specific Online Reputation Management plan. Some clients tend to draw a blank when it comes to having an existing online presence. For them, we may create professional accounts on Social Media as well as personal blogs and websites by purchasing domain names reflecting the client’s name and/or nature of business. Every need is different and we can customize a plan that makes sense for you.

So, whether it’s a Facebook-generation problem such as an embarrassing college picture on Facebook or more serious problems that can significantly impact one’s career progression, Online Reputation Management tools can be deployed in effective ways come up with the desired results. The Internet is like a Genie that is out of the bottle; it cannot be put back inside the bottle. The best that can be done is to manage it and make sure that we have a good reputation over the Internet and the team at Mind Digital can help you with any of your Online Reputation Management needs no matter what they may be.

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