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Hire Dedicated Developer

Few businesses in the 21st century have the luxury of operating in a competition-free environment. With globalization, free markets and an interconnected global economy, businesses have to be tremendously competitive and nimble on their feet. Otherwise they will find themselves confined to the history books. New and established online businesses have much riding on their websites. For Ecommerce websites in particular, their website is the heart of their business. It’s the marketplace-cum-showroom where a customer interacts with the seller and makes purchase decisions. In the Ecommerce business space, the equivalent of having a swanky showroom is having a top notch website that has all the functionality as well as the bells and whistles. Failure is not an option in terms of technical capabilities of websites. Websites have to be responsive, super-fast and they have to be user friendly. Meanwhile, the nature of doing business online has changed drastically on the front end too. Users have been pampered by and got used to the terrific user experience provided by an Ecommerce website like Amazon and now bad design or unintuitive design or is completely unacceptable to online customers.

Hire A Dedicated Developer

So, businesses need websites that are responsive and fast loading, that are cross-browser compatible and SEO-friendly, CMS-based making them easy to maintain, edit and update and adhere to the latest HTML5 standards as well as other web design and aesthetics standards. Parallax design and flat design are in vogue for websites that showcase products via images while for social networking it’s infinite scrolling technology-based websites as used in Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest that are being duplicated by countless other websites. To accomplish all this, you need to have a website that comes out with flying colors on all the different criteria and businesses can hire local web development companies in the U.S. or Europe. However, offshore web development and hiring dedicated developers makes perfect sense to get the same results at a much lower price point.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Developers

The advantages of hiring dedicated developers in offshore web development destinations such as India are numerous. The developers are ‘dedicated’; hence they work for a single client or are exclusively available to work on a specified project as per the terms of hiring. The dedicated developer or multiple developers can be hired on a full-time, part-time, or hourly basis depending on the needs of clients. Since the hired dedicated developers are locate offshore, the cost-per-hour of the developers is much less than web development professionals in developed nations.

With the availability of abundant manpower in India where a million engineers graduate every year, there is precisely zero scope of being faced with the challenge of a ‘lack of skilled manpower.’ With India’s overwhelming youth advantage, there are not only numerous experts available in all the relevant web design and development technologies, the pool of skilled manpower is only growing every year as more and more IT professionals graduate every year to join the IT workforce. Just as China possesses a demonstrably unbeatable advantage when it comes to manufacturing prowess across a wide range of consumer products, India has unmatched advantages in terms of software and IT development making it a great place to hire dedicated developers.

A company looking for iPhone or Android developers in India won’t be disappointed; nor will a company looking for Drupal and Joomla experts. There is no shortage of PHP and WordPress professionals either. Whether it’s a user-friendly shopping cart application in Magento or the much-loved-by-programmers platform of Ruby and its derivative Ruby on Rails, you will find as many IT professionals with great expertise in these technologies, platforms, and languages as you need. Here are some of the dedicated developers that can help you at Mind Digital.