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Offshore Android Development

In the mainframe computer era 50 years ago, IBM was the dominant force. Then came the PC era and the dominant companies were Microsoft in PC software and Intel in microprocessors. We have moved into the Internet age and today Google is the dominant force to be reckoned with. From the most widely used search engine in the world to creating self-driving cars, Google does it all and then some. Much like its search engine, Android has been massively successful as the favourite operating system of smartphone makers around the world. The basic reason for Android’s popularity is that it is open source and companies are free to modify it to their hearts’ content unlike other operating systems in the market. From Samsung, Sony, LG to Lenovo, Xolo, Xiaomi and many other smartphone brands both high-end and low-end, Android powers millions of smartphones around the world.

Android’s popularity is not hard to fathom as by using Android, you get an easy way to tap into Google’s powerful ecosystem consisting of not only Google search, but the ever popular applications such as YouTube, Google Maps, Google Calendar and so on. Android app development has therefore become immensely popular from creating games to corporate apps, Android apps can do them all. An experienced Android application development company such as Mind Digital can create apps in a multitude of domains such as banking, healthcare, education, hotels, hospitality and others. If you are looking for an application for Android, we can help!

Benefits of Offshore Android Development at Mind Digital

  • For any company, offshore Android app development offers a great scope for saving money and getting highly cost effective development performed which they can afford
  • Our specialized/experience offshore resources are experts and can help you with both design of your Android application as well as development
  • With the offshore Android application team at Mind Digital, we only provide you high quality Android resources who are experts in their domain
  • By working with an offshore mobile development company, you can save money on HR expenses, recruiting headaches, infrastructure expenses, operational expenditures, your time and much more
  • Our Android development includes thorough Quality Assurance (QA) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to ensure total peace of mind for clients
  • With our offshore Android development business model, you get access to world class development capabilities at an affordable price
  • We provide complete flexibility on all of our projects from hiring on full-time, part-time or a project basis
  • We have delivered countless Android projects for a wide range of clients from across the globe
  • All source code for your project is fully available
  • Speak and engage with our Android team through Skype, Email, chat & telephone
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Android Development Expertise At Mind Digital

Our Android development skills are wide spectrum and we have delivered numerous projects spanning Android corporate app development to Android games. Our Android apps use the latest Android releases to benefit from the newest operating system features. We have handled a wide range of Android technology areas including messaging, GPS and telephony integration. Our expertise includes Android API customization, Android widgets development and many other Android application development projects.

The Android app development experts at Mind Digital have experience in many different APIs as well as its unique features like Near Field Communication (NFC). We have developed various location-based apps using Google Maps and GPS capabilities. Whether your requirements are in wireless application development, social networking application development or location based services, our team can easily meet all your mobile development needs. Our Android developers approach projects with inquisitiveness and dive into projects with exuberant enthusiasm. Our results reflect our strong commitment to technology leadership, customer orientation and total quality no matter what.

Android Technical Expertise

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  • Any type of Android application you need designed or developed, we can deliver
  • Wide range of experience creating apps for travel, hotels, healthcare, education, social-networking & many more
  • Complete design & development across any Android platform
  • Android support & maintenance experience
  • Customization, creation, installation, integration & configuration of all Android apps
  • Our offshore Android app development company can answer any of your technical queries you have
  • All of our Android developers have a minimum of 3 years of experience

Why Choose Us?

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  • Our number one priority is to keep our clients happy no matter what
  • No hidden fees or costs with any of our projects
  • World-class project management standards & execution
  • High quality & affordable resources
  • We GURANTEE all of our work even after delivery of your project
  • Complete access to the source code
  • We believe in complete transparency with all of our clients
  • Contact our team easily through email, Skype, chat & phone