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Offshore iOS development

Few technologies have been as dominant in their time as iOS devices are in today’s smartphone and tablet market. Since the beginning of the computer age, only IBM has been as dominant in the early years of computers back in the 1960s. Intel then pioneered microprocessor technology and dominated the PC era as the dominant chip maker. Now, Apple is not only on the ascendant but pretty much at the zenith of success that any consumer company can aspire to be. The popularity of iPhones is more than just the result of some marketing gimmick, Steve Jobs helped conceive them combining the best of artistic brilliance and technical sophistication.

With every new release of an iPhone, iPad, iPod, iWatch, Apple continues to push the envelope with faster and more capable processors, retina displays with increasing resolutions, superior cameras with 4K HD video recording capabilities and so on. The iOS operating system that runs these devices keeps getting better too, Siri has become more capable than ever before and above all the iOS ecosystem keeps expanding with more than a million apps available for download from Apple’s App Store. Since high end smartphone users in countless countries in the world all use iPhones, having iPhone and iPad apps is a basic requirement for many corporates and consumer-facing companies. iPhone application development can be a challenge if you don’t find the right partner to work with.

iOS application development has become an integral part of the development lifecycle for companies both large and small. Today, some companies are even choosing to go the application only route meaning not have a website-enable shopping at all since apps for iOS devices are so highly used and depended on. If you are looking for an affordable solution to create a new iOS application, offshore iOS development brings with it the best of both worlds, you get world class iOS development done and your development cost is drastically reduced.

Benefits Of Offshore iOS Development At Mind Digital

  • Our specialized offshore iOS app developers are experts in user experience and can design a customized iOS application solution to ensure your project is a success on all fronts
  • With the offshore iPhone development team at Mind Digital, we ensure that you only get the best iOS app developers to help you create the perfect iOS application
  • By choosing to work with an offshore iOS app company, you can save lots of money on HR, recruiting expenses, operational expenditures, software/hardware costs, valuable time and much more
  • By working with an iOS app development company such as Mind Digital, you get access to iPhone, iPad, iWatch, iPod development experts who have a minimum of three years of experience
  • We provide a lot of flexibility in how our projects are executed as we have dedicated iOS development teams for each project as well as a dedicated client servicing team for clients
  • Our team has worked on & delivered countless projects for clients from across the world giving you the confidence you need that we can deliver beyond your expectations
  • Enjoy the flexibility to hire full or part-time offshore iOS professionals based around your business needs
  • All source code for your project is fully available along with our team members through Skype, Email, chat & telephone
  • Maintain constant communication and transparent workings with your offshore iOS development resources
  • All of our pricing & policies are completely transparent
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iOS Development Expertise At Mind Digital

We are firm believers in delivering high quality work to all of our clients across the world. We are an iOS application development company that has experience spanning from corporate applications to games. We use and understand all the latest iOS releases to ensure you stay ahead of the curve always. Our iOS development team has delivered numerous games that use the phones accelerometers, gyros, geolocation features and other aspects to come up with engaging and addictive games. We value technical competence as well as creativity in our iPhone developers to deliver world class products that satisfy all of our client needs.

We also develop dedicated mobile websites that are designed keeping the iOS features and capabilities in mind. The first priority of our professionals at Mind Digital is to ensure that there is no compromise in the quality of execution of our projects. Our iOS apps and games are all thoroughly quality tested to ensure that they are completely bug-free. Whether you are looking to develop an engaging iPhone app that users can download for free or an interesting and interactive iPhone game featuring augmented reality to build your brand’s awareness among iOS gamers, our offshore iPhone development team is the right choice to get effective as well as cost-effective results.

iOS Technical Expertise

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  • Any type of iOS application you need created, we have the experience to deliver what you need
  • Experience of developing applications in healthcare, hotels, travel, education, social-networking & lifestyle apps
  • Complete design & development across all iOS devices
  • iOS support & maintenance experience
  • Customization, creation, installation, integration & configuration of all iOS apps
  • Our offshore iOS app development company can answer any of your technical queries you have

Why Choose Us?

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  • We are focused on our customer needs & aim to keep them happy no matter what
  • No hidden costs or fees
  • Tested project management standards & execution
  • Affordable & high quality resources
  • We GURANTEE all of our work even after delivery of your project
  • Real-time and complete access to the source code
  • Complete transparency with all of our work
  • Easily accessible through email, Skype, chat & phone