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Responsive Web Design

The mobile revolution is due to the rapid growth, adoption and use of mobile technology across the world. It has happened more swiftly than earlier revolutions such as the PC revolution. Telephones, TVs and PCs took decades to become commonplace things that people in most parts of the world aspired to have and owned. Mobile phones and smartphones have spread across the world in a far less amount of time than anyone imagined. The transformation from the bulky Motorola handsets of the ’80s to the sleek Internet-enabled smartphones of today has been a journey of a mere three decades.

With the price of smartphones going down, their sales have risen consistently and exponentially. More than a billion smartphones were sold throughout the world in 2013 with no signs of slowing down in 2014. While desktop PC sales may not be in free fall yet, clearly the future is mobile. The growth of the mobile industry will continue to grow and we will see more and more innovation due to the huge opportunities that lie within this market. Meanwhile, every PC maker is operating in a saturated market that will more than likely never witness explosive growth or short product cycles. With billions of users accessing the Web from their smartphones, websites of all flavors need to cater to them whether it’s an Ecommerce website, a banking website, a restaurant website and so on. Today, it is business critical that you work with a responsive design website when you are looking to create any type of website. Responsive web design is the solution that solves the problem of coming up with a website that works on screens of all different sizes: from desktop screens to tablets or smartphones. If you are looking for a Responsive Web Design Company that can deliver exactly what you need, get in touch with the team at Mind Digital.

Responsive Web Design & Development

There are two options available in terms of offering a choice to mobile Internet users. Website owners can either have a dedicated mobile website or use responsive web design technology to serve the same website to different users using different devices with different sized screens. While mobile websites have certain advantages such as giving a website owner the opportunity to serve up unique content to website visitors that is specifically created for them, having a separate mobile website means twice the work in terms of maintenance since one cannot ditch the main website.Therefore, having a separate mobile website is an expensive option that is only affordable to large corporations or highly profitable businesses. For new businesses and budding entrepreneurs, a responsive website means one website that needs to be maintained, updated and taken care of. Responsive websites make sense as they are more cost effective and practical. Lastly, from an SEO perspective, it is better to have a responsive website versus a dedicated mobile website due to duplicate content issues which may arise.

Responsive Website Design – Mind Digital Differentiation

At Mind Digital, we are focused on quality, reliability, aesthetics, and usability. We are driven by creativity and challenges. Our responsive web design capability is available to meet different needs of different clients from all over the world. Our clients range from individuals and small businesses who want small websites with just a few pages to large businesses who need websites with hundreds of pages. Different clients have preference for different platforms and technologies such as WordPress, Joomla, Ruby on Rails, .NET, Python, Magento, Drupal and so on.

We design responsive websites using a variety of open source platforms, programming languages and Content Management systems (CMS) to meet the varying needs and specifications of clients from across the globe. Mind Digital has a record of executing multiple projects involving different CMS responsive themes and technologies as well as all types of programming languages. Any type of CMS you need help with or any language you need a responsive website designed for, the team at Mind Digital can help you create a customized solution that makes perfect sense for you.

Mind Digital Responsive Website Design Advantage

Our responsive website design takes SEO aspects and digital marketing aspects into account during the design and development phase. Fast loading responsive websites carry SEO advantages and we ensure our all responsive websites have all the right SEO qualities and are thoroughly tested on different mobile browsers as well as smartphones. In addition, call to actions, landing pages and Social Media connectivity can be designed keeping mobile users in mind. All our clients are assured of high quality output as far as their website designer and development is concerned. Our client-centric approach consists of developing a close relationship with clients and being responsive to client feedback during project execution. We take client concerns and feedbacks on board and ensure our clients are served a responsive website design that meets or exceeds all their requirements. Feel free to get in touch with our team to discuss any type of responsive web design or development project that you need help with.