The true power of medical software is unveiled through consistent efforts made by our developers to harness technology. We produce software that empowers the medical industry with deliverables without disrupting their existing systems.


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    Our experienced SaMD developers can aid in development and draft innovations of a software formulation.

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    Development of POC is another essential milestone for a SaMD that our experts can achieve through their in-depth understanding of all technical & documentation process.

  • pardot implementation

    We have in-depth knowledge to integrate the software/product with existing healthcare systems of the client’s enterprise.

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    Creation of impressive UX/UI to suit the requirements of the project. Customization is done to serve such purposes by our developers.

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    Comprehensive development of test cases as required.

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    Testing and evaluating the outcomes of a SaMD is an essential process for any SaMD development that our resources are proficient at. (This stage is accomplished on the lines and compliance with FDA regulations and other required bodies).


Mind Digital believes in delivering the services through a phased working process so that professionalism at every level is reaching its zenith. As a software development company, we strive to understand the individualistic requirements of our esteemed clients and furnish them with deliverables that suit their needs. Software as a Medical Device or SaMD is a term that defines software customized to meet medical requirements without disturbing or interfering with the hardware of the medical system or device.

Speaking in terms of web-based medical software, technology’s supremacy is hard to ignore. Technology dominates every field and industry, and the healthcare segment is no different. The medical industry has a wide range of medical devices ranging from simple to complex ones. The last couple of years have witnessed the exponential growth of software for medical devices. The foremost reason for its surge is the increase in demand for the Internet of Things and its associated parts like AI, big data, smartphones, wireless technology, cloud computing, etc.

As a reliable and dedicated service provider, Mind Digital takes every customer requirement seriously and delivers services to meet their requirements. Our SMD developers identify the software as a game-changer in the medical demographics. Whether it is diagnostics, drug discovery, development, genomics, therapeutics, or POC, we deliver every phase of requirement with careful planning and execution.



SaMD Development

Understand the market where such software is in demand. This means that our experts indulge in a deep analysis of the market trends that helps in defining a market strategy.

Identifying Users

We identify the users of SaMD and ensure that the software we design falls under the category of a SaMD.

Development of Features

Our Medical Software developers defines SaMD features and requirements and also executes the required test cases for the software.


Mind Digital develops software compatible with computers, both desktops and laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The software aims to simplify medical tasks and assist in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.


For innovative products and software, documentations are mandatory. We are extra cautious while planning each stage and save documents of all development stages (coding, designing, testing, and implementing) to produce if required for registration.

SaMD Business Models

The development and following stages of SaMD for the custom healthcare software are dependent upon the use of the intended software and the company’s market niche. Our developers provide complete planning and deployment of technology to make the software robust.

Healthcare IT start-up:

A start-up intending to enter the healthcare IT segment can join with a SaMD product.

An established healthcare IT product company:

Such a company intending to introduce a SaMD product to its customers will focus on integrating the development in its existing portfolios. It will also hit the target audience with strategic planning.

SaMD Purpose

Here SaMD is directly used for diagnosing the disease and planning the treatment procedure. Examples under such category include drug dosage recommendations, heart-rate monitoring apps, sleep apnea monitoring and prevention app, and Tinnitus sound therapy. So, clinical evaluation of SaMD is an essential step. An intuitive or SMD consultant design an intuitive UX interface.

Seamless Information Transmission

Drug recommendation and prescription software development is a good example of disease monitoring. Other examples include drug dosage calculation software, medical image viewing. We focus on the development of software that allows the seamless transfer of information.


As a renowned digital marketing and custom development enterprise, we pride in announcing that we have successfully served some of the big brands in diverse industry verticals. We have developed software for the healthcare segment that facilitates work standards by all means to multiply the deliverables.

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