Manage CRM in the Cloud with all data unified in a single platform. Flexibility and convenience reign as all information is packed under a single roof that is easy to access anywhere and anytime.


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    Our developers aim to provide client companies with high-security standards for data protection.

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    Salesforce Cloud Data implementation for diverse industry verticals pose highly regulated business with quicker response and decision-making.

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    Data Residency is also prioritized as we help the companies acquire acquaintance with local compliance requirements for data sorting and protection.

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    We help to club machine learning and AI to reach the target audience with conviction and efficiency. Disparate data is unified for data privacy and protection.

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    Identify new audiences with data signals and resources for business development. Employ the advantages of AI to get desired results.

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    Massive data sets that are lying unused can be sorted and unnoticed can be analysed using Data Science with “Einstein”.

A premier company offering top-class Data Cloud in Salesforce development and services

We, at Mind Digital, have the potential to provide critical business-centric and enhanced Data Cloud in Salesforce protection. Data is an integral part of every organisation and maintaining its privacy and protection becomes a trivial affair for them. The need of the hour is to have a comprehensive backup and recovery system, and sandbox seeding to empower companies to experience growth. We have been highly successful in providing our esteemed clients with unified protection of their data through the design/development of leading solutions and applications.

The all-in-one solutions developed by our efficient team is much appreciated by our customers across industry verticals. Customer relationship has undergone a renewed definition with the Salesforce ensemble and we have the skill to develop solutions on the same pattern. Data insecurity is heightened due to cyber-attack and malicious malware that often disrupts its existence. Data loss is a grave situation for customer-driven companies. Hence, protection of data is their prime objective and Data Cloud in Salesforce allows unification of all in a single platform.

We provide the best-in-class data recovery and granular back-up, sandbox seeding tools, and automated migrations that aids in unifying support for hybrid workloads and SaaS applications. Moreover, keeping data available, compliant, and protected is the need of the hour for business organisations. Salesforce enables supporting digital transformation with ease due to its flexibility and management quotient in operations. The extensive set of capabilities and features of the system makes data automation and protection simple for the users.

Our Data Cloud Salesforce Development Services


Advanced-Data Protection

Data safety is an omnipresent concern that is hard to ignore. Companies offering Salesforce support to their customers have to ensure data protection adhering to laws of compliance of customer information. Ming Digital provides an excellent solution to its customer companies.

Customer Reach

Reaching customers, even in remote areas, have undergone a sea of changes in the era of digitalization. Data Cloud in Salesforce provides a powerful device-oriented graph to its clients to identify their respective target audience footprint across all touchpoints. Delivering a personalized approach to the target audience is their USP.

AI and Machine Learning

With the empowering skills of AI and Machine Learning, we can reach an audience with impact and allow companies to protect data with ease. AI allows analyzation of billions of data signals and takes necessary action for developing the latest target audience. Unification of disparate data is another feather in our cap and our ace developers deliver services with complete success.

Perfect Timing for engagement

Customer engagement is largely dependent upon perfect timing to nail the audience. Based on the findings of customer experience data, engagement can be achieved.

Data Science Analysis

We employ Data Science with “Einstein” to unravel and uncover unnoticed insights of data. This helps in targeting a new target audience.

Adapt with flexibility

Hitting upon new data means forming an environment that is equipped with adaptability and flexibility to adopt new regions data findings. Data Cloud in Salesforce is a power-packed journey that we design for our customers.

Nail unexpected changes

We help our customers achieve proximity to being change-proof in terms of a shift in data and customer demand. Customizing framework for consent management acts as a fool-proof plan prepared by our developers to safeguard data.

Handling multiple markets

The trends and requirements of data protection and privacy tend to differ as per industry trends and variation in compliant policies. We can handle such discrepancies with ease because our developers are trained to provide deliverables in multiple markets.


Whether it is health, financial, retail, or government; we can provide the best mix of services and solutions that are data-centric to offer a 360-degree view to our clients for Data Cloud in Salesforce services. Unnecessary hardware, software management, and capacity planning are successfully substituted with data protection and management of the Cloud age.

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