We aim to help businesses stay ahead of their competitors with the help of the top CRM system. Business Intelligence software is the ideal plan for our customer companies to emerge successful in the world of cut-throat competition through eased data mining of hidden sources.


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    Data-driven insights will help the companies crusade through the competitive typography of the business and professional world.

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    We can help our customers find an answer with the built-in Analytical Actions tool. Faster action is possible because there is no need to wait for data analysis anymore. The creation of tasks and sharing insights is just a click away.

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    We provide our customers with the canvas to stay up-to-date with the market trends at any-time and anywhere.

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    Third-party data connectivity to the Salesforce database makes solutions simpler to achieve. Holistic research and search on the available data are easy to perform.

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    Mobile-friendly data sharing and interactivity are designed by our developers to push the companies at the competitive edge of the professional world and stay abreast with the market trends.

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    Since the complete data is placed on the Salesforce ensemble, there are no chances of a problem with synchronization. The existing tools of the CRM platform ease automation and customization of data to facilitate work output and workflow.

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    We design the software with a robust dashboard to address disparate data based on customer gender, age, location, etc. A single view of data is consolidated with various data visualizations.

A premier company for Analytics Cloud in Salesforce development

We, at Mind Digital, provide a distinguished Analytical Cloud in Salesforce that will enable our customer’s businesses to acquire actionable and meaningful insights to unravel and unveil trends in hidden data set. A plethora of customizations are possible with the help of Salesforce Analytical Cloud. As a professional Analytical Cloud consultant, we have the best mix of human brilliance, skill and cutting-edge BI (Business Intelligence) to allow businesses smooth integration of various metrics to yield productivity.

Conversion of insights into actionable results is the main aim of industry leaders. Our experts have vast experience in implementing Salesforce Analytical Cloud. The software allows a NoSQL database which means that there on no need to have predefined schemas, structures, or cubes to import third-party data in the Salesforce Database. Referring or switching to multiple applications is not required thus enabling faster decisions.

We understand the implementing Analytical Cloud in Salesforce is a trivial task if not performed carefully. We help our customer companies realize the true importance and potential of Salesforce features and offerings. Our interactive and visualization capabilities help in designing top-class Business Intelligence through a plethora of graphs and charts. Every enterprise has unique requirements and the projects are customized to meet their needs. Integration of Analytics Cloud in Salesforce is easy in the existing systems and we highly recommend the companies to upgrade to Salesforce implementations.

Our Analytics Cloud in Salesforce Services


Data Exploration from anywhere

Data can be viewed and accessed from different external and internal sources. We provide the best design of in-built dashboards and apps for the exploration of data. The mobile-friendly platform allows users to access data on multiple devices from anywhere.

Understanding different trends

The market is dominated by a plethora of trends that need to be recognized by enterprises. Millions of combinations of data are possible through the Analytical Cloud in Salesforce integration with the existing system of the customer’s companies. Sales and service teams can avail contextual answers to queries with agility.

Integrated Solution

We design the software with an integrated Business Intelligence that has tools for collecting comprehensive data and processing it with the use of Analytics. Accumulation of data is possible from different resources and unify it in a single view.

Better Collaboration

It becomes simple to empower sales and marketing terms to view data consistently through customizable dashboards. Collaboration on strategies and objectives is simplified by aligning long-term and short-term goals. Team collaboration is further enhanced with the features of Einstein Analytics.

Quick processing of data

If data collection and collaboration was not enough, then we also have data processing to offer. As the data is available on mobile, it is easy to get informative insights about data and enhancement of data outputs.


The tool is deemed to be more secured than the other products of Salesforce in the market. The data gets encrypted at the entry point of the Cloud storage within Analytics. A secured access management system further speaks volumes about the system’s security.


Among the BI-based solutions, Analytical Cloud in Salesforce is the most user-friendly tool and platform. Anyone having a basic understanding of the Salesforce platform can easily understand the working of Analytics Cloud software.

Real-time data processing

Real-time display of information allows the users to easily process and deliver reports in a concise and precise manner. Delays are minimized because data received and data sent is monitored in real-time.


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