Connect with interested unique users to convert them into prospects with remarketing services so that we can turn your website visitors into clients

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We’re a leading provider of paid search remarketing services helping brands grow through timely display of ads to interested users. We run powerful and engaging remarketing campaigns to tap into the right users at the right time. Our experts devise, plan and run remarketing ads with the focus to positively influence decision making process of the target customers. Trust Mind Digital to run the best and most effective of remarketing ads to put your brand into focus.

Hire us to increase leads, conversions and sales with a robust remarketing strategy based on user behaviour and search preferences. Thanks to our remarketing in digital marketing expertise, you can target user based on right keywords and categories and interest areas. With us, you can remarket across Google, popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and on other platforms as well.

The focus of our remarketing services is to help you reconnect to the users who have shown interest in your brand or have visited you before. Our experts know how to remind users about your presence and significance to them without annoying them, so there is always a value to gain with us. Trust our display advertising remarketing ads to prove effective and consider previous searches and interactions of your target audience.


Remarketing is a unique, smart and powerful advertising technique that focuses on showing/displaying ads to only those users who’re interested in your brand or products or services. It combines the strategies of persuasion and reminders to drive potential customers back on your site. The paid search remarketing ads are shown based on search patterns and user behaviour, so results are always fantastic.

  • Boost your brand exposure and enhance your brand appeal through targeted ads
  • A powerful technique to increase conversion rates by tapping into prospective customers
  • Reach to the relevant target audience and get your message across through highly relevant ads
  • Re-connect with the lost (yet interested) customers and convert them into leads with remarketing in display advertising
  • Right timing in placement of ads to gain free view-through conversions and maximum impact (positioning )
  • More exposure to the brand resulting in increased ROI
  • Flexible approach, customized ads and a budget-friendly way to reach to the ready-to-buy audience and boost conversions
  • Choice of a right audience based on specific location, group and demographics culminating in relevant clicks and conversions
google remarketing services

google remarketing agency


Mind Digital is a reliable Google remarketing agency with a dedicated team for devising, formulating and placing relevant targeted ads at strategic location. No matter in which industry you operate, our remarketing knowledge will cater your needs perfectly and ensure desired leads and conversions.

  • Our team has years of experience with search and display remarketing on Google
  • We have knowledge of Facebook Remarketing, Social Advertising, URL tagging, conversion rate optimization and better customer acquisition
  • Quick setting up of remarketing account and experts for network settings and location & country set up
  • Different Google remarketing packages and perfection with managing bids, AD schedule setting and landing page selection
  • Combining remarketing with social media advertising to meet campaign goals
  • Dedicated resources to run effective remarketing ads and campaigns
  • Targeted display advertising remarketing strategy based on user search patterns and behaviour to boost sales and leads
  • Expertise with frequency capping to lower creep factor
  • Targeting ads on specific keywords and categories and showing ads to the right users at right time


  • Multi-channel Remarketing

    remarketing in display advertising

    We make your ads and campaigns appear in every popular digital channel and network so that you can target the right set of customers easily.

  • Dynamic Remarketing

    display advertising remarketing

    Customized ads are created keeping in mind the search patters, interests and use behaviour of potential customers to boost chances of conversions and leads.

  • Advanced audience segmentation

    paid search remarketing

    Trust our remarketing in digital marketing experts to create an audience profile and segmentation by considering their purchase patterns engage and visits to boost your sales.

  • Continual Tracking and Monitoring

    google remarketing packages

    A robust tracking and monitoring mechanism is used to give you performance report of campaigns and also to improve their performance.

  • Standard Remarketing

    ppc remarketing

    Our team will show your ads to those visitors – and will convert them as well – who have visited your site, shown interests yet did not convert.

  • Remarketing for mobile apps

    facebook remarketing ads

    We can extend website, search and Facebook retargeting to mobile phones and will also show ads to those visitors who have used your mobile apps or mobile website.

  • Remarketing Optimization

    remarketing google ads

    Paid search remarketing campaigns are optimized by our team to boost their performance and also to help brands achieve their marketing goals smoothly.


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