Salesforce Commerce Cloud is scalable and a cloud-based eCommerce solution. We provide hi-end and top-class solutions that are functional in every way for eCommerce users. It provides end-to-end B2B and B2C solutions.


  • Dedicated Salesforce Developer

    An effective and experienced development team can provide B2B and B2C services to the customers through Commerce Cloud. Ecommerce of the clients is boosted with a Unified Customer Experience platform offered by our ace professionals.

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    Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence is put to the best use to extract profitable deliverables for our customers.

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    Our experts can effectively define the difference between B2B commerce requirements and B2C commerce needs.

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    Leading solutions are provided to the diverse customer enterprises across industry verticals to achieve eCommerce growth and success.

  • salesforce development India

    Our customers can make the in-store, and online visibility of their product or service acquire a new definition with commerce cloud development services.

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    We provide an omnichannel buying experience for the modern-buyers across online and offline platforms.


With the emergence and dominance of eCommerce in the business world, the enterprises felt a model to contribute towards its development. We, at Mind Digital, work our way to define the best strategies to emerge as the competent Salesforce Cloud Commerce developer in India. We aim to support such needs of the companies and take salesforce commerce to another level through comprehensive eCommerce solutions. Taking eCommerce activities to the Cloud is a challenge, and we endeavour to replenish the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Development through consistent and workable strategies. Maintaining expensive hardware onsite is effectively substituted with Cloud-hosted solutions for the eCommerce requirements of our customers.

The shifting paradigms of the business world have clarified that eCommerce is here to stay and for good. A lot of the change owes its development to the pandemic too. The difference is evidently visible, and the shift from in-store sales to online/eCommerce dominates as the demand of the hour. Hence, eCommerce websites have to gear up to support requirements like contactless payments, deliveries, and other digital orders of the customers. The other question that poses demand is the need to shift to Cloud-hosted solutions. Our Commerce Cloud Developer Centre is equipped to handle such conditions and make the right move to
mobilize adoption and penetration of Cloud hosting.

Data and coding are the essentials of Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Data, here, means the product, categories of the product, catalogues, product pricing, product inventory records, promotions, and marketing campaigns. Coding is the computer language employed to present and assemble data on the site. B2B and Salesforce B2C commerce development are the core features and capabilities of Salesforce Commerce Cloud. We aim to offer our customers an agile and smart commerce experience, including apps to our clients to reach the respective customers with conviction.



Customize Buying Experience

Represent all customer insights like marketing, commerce, IT, sales, and services under a single head to enable conversions through customized buying experiences. Streamlining and automating the methods aids in connecting services, and Salesforce order management is handled with ease

Scalable and flexible

Irrespective of the industry and business size, you enjoy being up-to-date with latest trends even during the busy days. Our customers are confident about the business growth as the uptime is 99%.

Relocate resources and reduce costs

We provide the self-service tools of the CRM system that gives an edge to our customers. The system allows them relocate the resource and time wisely that yields in reduced costs.

B2B implementation

Harness the power of Salesforce with Commerce Cloud through faster B2B implementation. With quicker launch pads in the business markets, the companies can generate revenue at an impressive pace and their B2B commerce implementation strategies yield the desired results.
Online users can experience better shopping options through impressive mobile UX design and technical architecture.

Unified platform

Through Unified Commerce for Multi-channel selling, time is saved, and tasks are accomplished with automated solutions. Integration of client data, delivery channels, and business functions is done under a single platform. The online users do not have to move to multi-channels but stay under a single roof to better incorporate data and diverse channels.

API Driven Approach

The Salesforce Commerce developers can decide the APIs required for the customers. They write and consume APIs. Commerce Cloud APIs have evolved.

Transformation of B2B2C chain

Business chain is in the evolution stage and the salesforce Commerce Cloud software allows simple distribution of support ranging from manufacturers to distributors and ends customers. All through the chain, the users will experience a personalized experience across the different touchpoints.

Salesforce Integration Services

A renewed level of efficiency is achieved through the impressive integration of salesforce systems developed by our experts. Salesforce Commerce Cloud system integrators do the needful by including payment gateway, legacy system, and accounting channels.


We have over the years served businesses and customers from different industry verticals and continue to help them achieve their personalised requirements. As a renowned Salesforce Commerce Cloud Development India team, we’re capable of serving any client from any industry with complete success and confidence.

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    Healthcare & wellness
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    Real Estate
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    IT, Software & Internet Marketing
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    Finance & Banking
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    Government & Public Sector Enterprises
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    Travel & Tour
  • Salesforce Customization
  • Salesforce Architecture & Design
    SPORTS (outdoor and indoor)
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    E-Commerce Dev
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    Javascript Dev
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    ERP Dev
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    CMS Dev
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    Software Dev
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    Mobile App Dev

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