Mind Digital is Now a Google AdWords Certified Company

Mind Digital is delighted to become a Google AdWords certified company. This certification is a testament to serving esteemed clients, including businesses and websites, with great success for their high-end digital marketing requirements. The company is also extremely elated for achieving this certification in the capacity of being just a two-year old start-up firm.

The certification justifies the trust and faith shown by esteemed clients for their paid search marketing, or PPC advertising. As a certified digital marketing company, Mind Digital is now more committed than ever to meet Google’s standards and guidelines in delivering quality-driven and ethical paid search marketing services and solutions.

This certificate also takes into account certified employees and their ability to deliver quality customer service to clients across industry verticals. The company has achieved the certification as it has employees with Google AdWords certifications managing accounts of clients. It’s now a proven masters of the AdWords, i.e., a company that possesses requisite skills and knowledge to leverage the PPC form of advertising to turn digital marketing profitable for clients.

With the Google AdWords Certification, Mind Digital has joined the select league of elites who are trusted immensely for their deep domain knowledge and customer-friendly services. It now enables a range of marketing benefits to clients and helps them reach the targeted audience in a specific time frame. More so, it’s now a company that delivers superior conversion rates, together with lower cost per click and increased ROI.

The best thing about this certification is that it has come after Google’s verification and evaluation of the partner for their conversion rates, client retention and customer servicing. More so, this certification brings the reward of having a free access to Google’s beta features. In this, Mind Digital joins the rank of only few select companies in the world that have the rights to test and use any application or feature developed by Google before their public launch.

The certification, in a sense, gives it a competitive edge and lets it access the same set of features that its competitors will do a good one year later. Similarly, the company has also gained a range of privileges, including the ability to resolve AdWords issues immediately and a desired level of expertise with YouTube Advertising features.

Mind Digital also understands that the AdWords certification comes with its huge share of responsibilities, and it’s dedicated to adhering to all the quality standards and customer servicing norms set forth by Google. As a full-fledged digital marketing company, the certification is sure to bring a positive effects on other services offered by this New-Delhi based organization.

At the same time, Mind Digital’s digital marketing services, including Website designing, Web development, SEO, SMO and Mobile development will also carry the imprints of an expert of the domain. As the company is now a certified expert, it looks forward to serving the clients and meeting their specialized digital marketing requirements with more finesse.

Mind Digital also looks forward to redefining the marketing space through certified and proven paid search services to help brands succeed. It hopes that any association with anyone is surely going to be a rewarding and beneficial one.