Mind Digital Group Selected By Silicon India – Startup Of The Year 2014 Web Development

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Mind Digital Group has been featured in the November 2014 edition of Silicon India magazine as the Startup of the Year in the Web Development category. The magazine traces the history and extraordinary accomplishments of Mind Digital Group in under one year under the leadership of Mr. Yusuf Javed, the Founder and Director of MDG. Mind Digital Group has aggressive growth plans and has recently acquired many new clients across the globe. It is hiring across all skill sets and domains to execute its ongoing projects and be prepared for future projects. Mind Digital fosters innovation and welcomes employee inputs as well as functions in a Westernized, International work environment and culture under the leadership of Mr. Javed who has a plethora of experience gained while working in New York and London at top digital agencies.

About Mind Digital Group

Mind Digital Group has offices in New York, London and is headquartered out of New Delhi, India. It has more than 35 employees currently and they are hiring on an average of 4 to 5 employees every month to aggressively expand their global footprint. They provide a whole range of services including website design, website development, Ecommerce solutions, digital marketing, mobile development and associated client service functions under one umbrella. They provide onshore support with offshore pricing models making it a win-win for clients.

Excerpt from article “While the Indian market presents diversified opportunities for Indian companies to jump-start business, it also throws an equally daunting challenge for an outside entrepreneur. According to the world bank’s ease of doing business survey (2013), India was ranked 134 out of 183 countries. Understanding the unfamiliar laws becomes the bane of foreign business and so is the language barrier. But the anecdote of the business tycoon Yusuf Javed is a bit twisted. The inherited and embraced cultural and business values not only made him effortlessly more beyond all these botherations, but also assisted him in incepting an independent global digital agency named Mind Digital Group (MDG) without a hitch. The rich experience and expertise seized from working with the top global companies in the U.S..”