The Largest Dental Network In Asia With More Than 325+ Clinics


Clove Dental is now the largest dental chain in Asia with over 325+ fully-equipped dental clinics and more than 800+ dental experts offering world-class oral care across India. A Star Dental brand and a member of the Royal Society of Medicine UK, the Clove network has redefined oral healthcare services in India by offering high quality healthcare and giving people a complete set of oral healthcare services.

However, Clove Dental did not reach at such exalted position overnight and it once looked for a reliable digital marketing partner to expand its footprints and take quality healthcare treatment to more people and places. It wanted its digital partner to produce high quality leads so that the business could gain new customers and continue scaling to new heights.


  • Low paid media conversion rates & poor SEO organic traffic.
  • Unimpressive post reach, page likes and CPL reach.
  • Lack of quality leads coupled with low footfalls in clinics.
  • Unawareness among the target group & audience.


As a digital marketing partner to Clove Dental, the team at Mind Digital knew the problem at hand and thus decided to rely on a full-spectrum of online marketing. We chose specific channels online, ran successful ads/campaigns and helped boost visibility as well as brand awareness for this respected healthcare brand.

  • We employed a mix of SEO, PPC and Paid Social Media to drive a solution.
  • In PPC & Paid Social Media, the strategy was to reach the desired audience with the right messaging.
  • In SEO, the team fixed on-page issues, boosted website loading speed, focused on local SEO and generated high-quality natural backlinks.
  • The Social Media strategy was to create regular unique post’s to engage visitors across social channels and also educate them on the importance of oral healthcare.


  • 90% reduction in cost per Lead (CPL brought down from 94 USD to 6 USD in 45 days.)
  • 50% increase in organic conversions (In less than 60 days they gained significant organic traffic.)
  • 30% increase in clinic footfalls (rise in appointments within the targeted clinics through Local SEO.)