One of the most trusted organic milk brands in the world


Koita is a renowned organic milk range founded in 2013 by Mustafa Koita. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE this company also has offices in Chicago, USA and is a member of the American Business Council (Dubai Chapter) and the Organic Trade Association (based in Washington DC). Ever since its inception, Koita’s incessant endeavor has been to bring to the consumers a growing range of Organic, Lactose-Free & Plant Based milk products. This brand has made a name for itself for its 100% Italian Milk offering, produced by the happiest grass-fed cows, distributed ensuring no or just a minimum amount of carbon footprint.

However, despite being a unique and noble venture, they lacked a quality website that would truly represent their brand virtually. The website design had several gaps and flaws and customers had a difficult time navigating through it. Even there were order processing issues and the team had to process orders manually prior to the intervention of our team. All these issues sought immediate resolution.


  • The website was worn out and inconvenient resulting in reduced lead generation.
  • The site lacked user-friendly UI structure.
  • Proper landing pages were missing resulting in lousy info search for the visitors.
  • Order placements used to get tangled and the team had to process orders manually.


Partnering with their web design, team Mind Digital identified the problem at the onset. We addressed the development-related issues after properly screening the site. Our team devised a suitable development strategy and created improved landing pages with the integration of effective APIs like Transcorp to architect a topnotch website that converts.

  • We connected numerous dots and refined them to ensure a user-friendly site interface.
  • We customized and created new Landing Pages so that site visitors reach the exact destinations that they are seeking without any hassle.
  • Our team integrated Logistics Solutions Provider API like Transcorp with their eCommerce website to resolve the order processing and tracking issues that involved manual processing of orders earlier.


  • The Koita team now has an improved website and UI where web visitors love to spend more time resulting in more impressions and conversions for them.
  • The team there has to stress much less about processing orders now and so can focus more on customer support and on promoting their products.
  • The new APIs like Transcorp integrated take care of everything right from when an order is being placed to the moment the order reaches the customer enabling peace of mind for both the Koita team and its present and potential customers.