A Leading 100% Export-Oriented GMP-Certified & PICs-Compliant Multi Location Pharmaceutical Brand


Kusum Healthcare Pvt Ltd. is an integral part of the Kusum Group of Companies, incepted in 1997. It is a 100% export-oriented pharmaceutical brand having four state-of-art manufacturing units. Their product range is designed to cater to 18 categories of medicines ranging from Gynaecology to Gastroenterology. It is located across 28 countries with fully integrated operations, sales, marketing, pharmacovigilance, regulatory, distribution, & warehouse.

However, despite being a WHO GMP-certified & PICs-compliant multi-unit pharmaceutical brand, they lacked a visually appealing, multi-location, & multilingual business website. Furthermore, their website lacked the significant feature of product filtration based on categories and locations.


  • The old website of Kusum Healthcare was outdated & lacked professional visualization.
  • The layout of the past website was not meeting the modern requirements of a pharmaceutical website. Technical gaps in the front-end set-up made the website’s User Interface (UI) less intuitive, sluggish, & inconsistent.
  • The old website was static with limited functionalities due to poor back-end set-up; There were scalability issues, location-wise & category-wise product filtration issues. All of these deeply impacted User Experience (UX).
  • Their old website needed a back-end revamp because it failed to meet the criteria of being a multi-location & multi-lingual business website.
  • The website was not responsive on different devices.
  • Regarding SEO-friendliness, the previous Kusum Healthcare website failed again to meet all essential on-page SEO checklists.


  • We started this project from ground-up. Our designers created new wireframes using Figma to give oversight to the client on how the upcoming website layout would look.
  • Designers created a revised site map of the new website to enhance the User Experience (UX).
  • We designed custom mock-ups for all unique web pages of the new Kusum Healthcare website using Adobe Photoshop.
  • We started the development process when all of our custom mock-ups got approved from the client’s end.
  • HTML5 & CSS programming languages were used for the front-end set-up & to support cross-platform browser functionality. All codes were written by our in-house HTML developers.
  • A new back-end set-up was developed in the latest version of WordPress to make the website dynamic. New features were integrated through custom development.
  • “Multi-location” & “Bilingual” features were developed in the new website through the Multisite WordPress plugin.
  • For easy management of the necessary “Call-to-Action” buttons, our team had set up the “CONTACT US” & the “PHARMACOVIGILANCE” forms through the Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin.
  • The new “PRODUCTS” page was custom developed through PHP coding to add the product filtration feature location-wise, & category-wise.
  • To ensure website security, we used an upgraded version of WordPress & PHP, along with a secured hosting server.
  • In order to provide a high degree of data privacy protection, we made the new website SSL encrypted. Users couldn’t see the WordPress version of the website which kept the new site protected from hackers.
  • Core files & templates of the revised website were not editable through admin. Our back-end team used File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to achieve maximum security.
  • It was ensured that the newly developed Kusum Healthcare website responded effortlessly on all available screen resolutions, including laptop, desktop, iPad, & mobile screens.
  • We used “GTmetrix” & “Google PageSpeed Insights” to measure website speed, performance, & optimize them accordingly.
  • Last but not least, our SEO team made the new website SEO-compliant. They performed SEO compatibility tests considering all on-page SEO aspects such as heading tags, meta-descriptions, alt-attributes, page speed, JavaScript & CSS minifications, sequential code flow, etc.
  • Finally, the new website of Kusum Healthcare went live. Our team provided all necessary support during Go Live activities.


  • Now Kusum Healthcare Pvt Ltd. has a highly intuitive, responsive, SEO-friendly website with improved UI/UX, which is vital for any healthcare brand nowadays.
  • All webpages are now fast-loading, pixel-perfect, & dynamic with additional features. Kusum Healthcare’s brand-new website is now a multi-location & bilingual (English & Russian) business website.
  • As a pharmaceutical company, their website is custom developed with location-wise & category-wise product filtration features.
  • Lastly, the upgraded version of the Kusum Healthcare website has become highly responsive, SEO friendly, and secure with advanced data protection privacy policies.