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Eye-Q is an ISO 9001-2015 registered eye-care organization incepted in 2007. It is a chain of 32 super-speciality eye hospitals in north India, and two branches are in Nigeria and Africa. Eye-Q is committed to providing top-notch quality eye treatments using leading-edge technologies at an affordable package across India.

However, despite being an ISO-certified multi-location eye-care organization, they lacked a visually appealing website that would perfectly represent their brand virtually and support their business. Layout of the previous Eye-Q website had multiple gaps and flaws that significantly impacted the overall (UI/UX). Additionally, they had an outdated back-end setup with poor data privacy structure.


  • The old website of Eye-Q hospital was outdated and lacked professional visualization, which didn’t do justice to this ISO-certified super-speciality eye hospital chain.
  • The previous website’s look and feel was not impressive just because of technical gaps in the front-end setup.
  • Their old website needed a back-end revamp because it was built on an outdated version of their existing Content Management system (CMS).
  • As a reputed multi-location eye-care hospital chain, their website was expected to have a proper listing management system. Unfortunately, their doctor listing management system & clinic listing management system weren’t set-up properly.
  • The website was not responsive on different devices.
  • In terms of SEO compatibility, Eye-Q’s old website failed again to meet all the necessary touch points.


  • We initiated this project from scratch. Our designers created new wireframes using Figma to provide oversight to the client on how the new website layout would appear.
  • Designers worked on the upcoming website’s site map to enhance the User Experience (UX).
  • We designed custom mock-ups for all unique web pages of the new Eye-Q website using Adobe Photoshop.
  • We started the development process when all of our custom mock-ups got approved from the client’s end. All pages of the new website were custom-built by our development team.
  • HTML & CSS programming languages were used for the front-end setup. All codes were written by our in-house HTML developers.
  • A new back-end setup in the latest version of WordPress was developed to make the front-end clear, concise, and user-friendly.
  • “Drag & Drop” page management features for all posts and pages were set-up for enabling an easy to use back-end interface.
  • Three main pages of the Eye-Q website, such as “Our Doctors”, “Locations“, & “Services to Explore” were custom developed with necessary fields through WCK, & Custom Field plugins. They also modified Eye-Q’s listing management system for multiple clinics and associated doctors.
  • A custom “Appointment Booking” feature was developed  through Booked & Super Forms WordPress plugins to make the online appointment booking process quick  & convenient.
  • For easy management of the necessary “Call-to-Action” buttons, our  team had set-up contact forms, banner forms, & feedback forms through the Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin; For email subscribers & newsletters, they used Subscribe to Newsletter plugin.
  • To ensure website security, we used an upgraded version of WordPress & PHP, along with a secured hosting server.
  • In order to provide a high degree of data privacy protection, we made the website SSL encrypted. Users could not see the WordPress version of the website, which kept the new site protected from hackers.
  • Core files and templates of the revised website were not editable through admin. Our team used Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to achieve a high level of security.
  • It was ensured that the newly designed website responded effortlessly on all available screen resolutions, including laptop, desktop, iPad, and mobile screens.
  • We used “GTmetrix” & “Google PageSpeed Insights” to measure website speed & performance & optimize them accordingly.
  • Last but not least, our SEO team also got involved in making the new website SEO-compatible. They performed an SEO compatibility test considering all on-page SEO aspects such as heading tags, meta-descriptions, alt-attributes, page speed, JavaScript & CSS minifications, sequential code flow etc.
  • Finally, the new website of Eye-Q Super-Speciality hospital went live. Our team provided all necessary support during Go Live activities.


  • Now Eye-Q Super-Speciality Eye Hospital has a brand-new website with improved UI/UX.
  • All pages are now dynamic, fast-loading, and pixel-perfect, & the website is revamped with a rock-solid upgraded back-end setup.
  • Three important main pages of Eye-Q, “Our Doctors”, “Locations”, & “Services to explore” were entailed with necessary custom fields.
  • On the “Our Doctors” page, we added extra fields such as designation & their locations, medical qualifications, memberships & certifications, which would give patients clarity about doctors and their associated clinic locations.
  • Now, this multi-location Eye-Q chain has a robust doctor listing management system & clinic listing management system.
  • Lastly, the Eye-Q website has become highly responsive, SEO friendly, and secure with adequate data protection privacy policies.