Industry Leader in Providing Top-notch Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicines


CosmeSurge® is an industry leader in offering top-notch cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicines, including facelifts, mommy makeovers, hair transplantation, liposuction, nose reshaping, obesity surgery, and weight loss management services in UAE.

As a leading cosmetic surgery brand, they needed a modern, approachable website that would represent their services professionally and promote their brand in a lucrative way. Unfortunately, their first website was outdated with poor user experience (UX), and they didn’t have any back-end set-up as well that would allow them to manage their website.


  • The old website of CosmeSurge® needed to be updated in terms of framework, design, responsiveness, & functionality. Moreover; layouts & other essential elements were also required to be perfectly mapped out.
  • The previous CosmeSurge® website had poor UI/UX & didn’t represent/show their necessary information properly, which drastically impacted website traffic and their business.
  • Their old website needed a proper back-end setup. It was not dynamic. They required a proper back-end setup to manage the website’s content & images, manage various features available on the website, add/ remove forms, & control user access.


  • We started this project by creating new wireframes that gave an oversight to the client on how the new website layout would look like.
  • The website’s sitemap was also revamped to define an enhanced User Experience (UX).
  • In the next step, we designed custom mock-ups for each unique web page of the new website using Adobe Photoshop.
  • After getting approval from the client on the custom designed mock-ups, we started working on development. The new website was not developed based on any web theme. Instead, all pages of the new website were custom-built by our developers.
  • For the front-end set-up, we’ve used HTML/CSS language. The code of all pages was written by our HTML team.
  • For the back-end set-up, we used WordPress content management system (CMS) because of its ease-of-use, flexibility, & power of scalability.
  • We made the new website dynamic by developing a ground-breaking back-end in WordPress CMS. It meant each front-end element had a provision of being edited by the admin.
  • Responsiveness was sorted to ensure the website loads-up perfectly on all available screen resolutions such as Desktop, Laptop, iPad & Mobile screens.
  • We used “Google PageSpeed Insights” & “GTmetrix” to assess website speed & performance and optimize it accordingly.
  • The final step was to optimize the website for SEO. Here our digital marketing team also got involved & ensured all on-page SEO aspects (heading, alt-tags, page-loading speed) were implemented.
  • Finally their new website went live. We provided server set-up services, security measure implementation, and helped with the Go Live activities as well.


  • Now CosmeSurge® has a highly interactive, responsive, SEO-friendly website with a modern UI/UX which is very essential for a cosmetic surgery brand.
  • Every webpage is fast-loading, pixel-perfect, & responsive with better UI/UX. Hence, our client can represent all information related to their services clearly through their new website.
  • A better back-end in WordPress CMS allows our client to manage their content independently without our involvement.