The Leading Integrated Communication Provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain


Batelco (Bahrain Telecommunications Company) is the principal telecommunication company in Bahrain, and also the leading digital solutions provider in the country. It offers new-age fixed and wireless telecommunication services and caters both the common people and the corporate with matchless professionalism. Employing 1300 people and with a consolidated revenue of about $ 1.20 billion, Batelco is a “jewel in the crown of the kingdom” contributing to the success and prosperity of Bahrain through its big portfolio of solutions including MPLS based regional data solutions and all fixed and 4G LTE wireless home broadband networks.

Despite all this, Batelco surprisingly did not have a website in sync with their reputation as the existing site was almost 8-10 years old. So, they were in search for a reliable website design & development partner to revamp their existing WordPress based website. They were looking for a simple & minimalistic look & feel along with an enhanced UI clubbed with an easy to use admin dashboard with drag-n-drop features to create & manage the web pages.


  • The website was outdated and lacked easy to use UI.
  • The website did not have an user friendly admin set-up.
  • The website lacked modern look & feel in tune with the latest web standards.
  • Theme-based approach for website was non-existent and hence their team could not customize and manage the website easily.
  • Website analytic data tracking was not up the standard which also needed fixing.


As the chosen website design & development partner to Batelco, the team at Mind Digital knew the task at hand was big as the website needed revamp from the scratch including redefining the entire sitemap. Our team then devised a suitable development strategy, broke issues into smaller units and then went about the tasks with due professionalism.

  • We redefined the entire sitemap from the scratch and removed the multi-site set-up that they currently had.
  • We identified pages that could be essentially set as templates based on which the other pages would be built out.
  • Mock-up of the templates were custom designed and finalized with the help of Batelco team members.
  • Finalized template mock-ups were integrated on a new WordPress set-up with the help of a page builder called Themify.
  • Setting up the templates through Themify allowed both Batelco team and our team to create the inner pages with great ease and freedom.
  • WPML was used to facilitate multi-lingual set-up for the website.
  • Basic GA & GTM set-up was implemented to enable tracking of essential events throughout the new website.


  • Batelco team can now easily edit & manage the website with easy to use front-end editor.
  • Batelco team can also create new pages without any technical expertise with the easy to use drag and drop features provisioned by the Themify page builder.
  • With an improved UI web visitors are now spending more time on the website.