A leading E-commerce giant in the UAE, KSA, Oman and Kuwait!


6thStreet.com is a leading well-know retail brand in the Middle East and is a popular one-stop online shop for kids, women and men in the UAE, KSA, Kuwait and Oman. A top destination for style-conscious and fashion-savvy customers, it offers a huge collection of items, shoes, bags, accessories from the world’s most cherished fashion brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, Adidas, NIKE, Nine West, Dune London, Crocs, ALDO, Garage, Rituals, and many more. The online fashion platform is a true heaven for shoppers in search of stylish items and other benefits including free delivery, cash on delivery, free returns etc.

Naturally, it looks as if 6th Street has everything sorted out except for the fact that its store’s tracking and Google Analytic or Google Tag Manager system was not in order. The tracking system was faulty so their team was not able to track and see accurate data in Google Analytics. Worse still, they were not able to match the revenue as well from the back-end Magento CMS platform.


  • There was a large discrepancy in reports generated through Google Analytics.
  • There was the need to do an enhanced Ecommerce tracking setup in Google Analytics and fix the Google Tag Manager setup.
  • Search behaviour report for internal site search also needed to be fixed.
  • A complete overhaul of the Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager was also required.
  • Country wise separate Google Analytic views was also required.


When the 6th Street approached Mind Digital team to fix its online store tracking issues, we knew the enormity of the task at hand and then did a complete audit, research and analysis of the online store. The focus was to fix all the errors that were posing difficulty to their team in tracking reports within Google Analytics.

  • We created new data layers through GTM and implemented the same on the online store.
  • Tag, Trigger, Variable were set up in GTM.
  • We also implemented Advanced GA Setup for E-commerce.
  • We created country wise separate views in each Google Analytic property.


  • We fixed the reporting of total revenue, transactions and average order value and matched it with the Magento 2 back-end system.
  • We fixed the complete sales funnel (shopping behaviour & checkout behaviour) that enabled the flow of accurate data.
  • We also fixed the reporting of product performance, sale performance and product list performance.
  • We also set up promotion tracking and coupon code tracking for fetching relevant data.