A Leading Manufacturer & Retailer of Household Items in KSA & Kuwait


Nice is a leading manufacturer and retailer of household items in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. It was founded by AI Fozan Holding Company. Nice offers a wide range of household item options for both traditional and modern Saudi homes. Now this brand has become a unique shopping destination with geographical footprints in six cities, including Central, Eastern, & Western provinces.

As a leading manufacturing & retailing brand, they had an e-commerce website based on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform (SFCC). That website lacked Google Analytics 4 (GA4) set-up which was essential because Universal Analytics (UA) would no longer process data & stop reporting from 1st July 2023. Their website had Universal Analytics (UA) set-up with significant numbers of misleading or missing data. They wanted us to fix all of these issues and migrate their Analytics account from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to retrieve app data along with website data.


  • There were Google Tag Manager (GTM) code & Data layer code errors on the website. That’s why reports were not properly transferred from the website to analytics.
  • The Analytics account of Nice had multiple views with the same data. The dashboard was not able to represent the correct data under each view.
  • The funnel steps were missing in E-commerce Tracking. Step-by-step checkout labeling was not created. Because of that, the client was not able to analyze their customer journey on the E-commerce website.
  • Goals were not created properly, Only two goals were found in the analytics account. Essential goal set-ups like “Call Us”, “Email”, “Product Views”, “Smart Goals”, etc. were missing.
  • The Internal Promotion report & Coupon report in the E-commerce reporting section of the dashboard were completely missing. Therefore, Universal Analytics was not able to represent the shopping behavior of users.
  • Shopping Behavior Analysis report in the E-commerce reporting section of the dashboard was missing with all necessary data, including “No Shopping Activity”, “No Cart Addition”, “Cart Abandonment”, & “Checkout Abandonment”.
  • The Checkout Behavior Analysis report was missing in E-commerce reporting section of the dashboard with all necessary data, including “Start Checkout Drop Off”, “Account Drop Off”, “Shipping Drop Off”, “Payment Method Drop Off”, & “Order Confirmation Drop Off”. This report was crucial for understanding the user behavior on the checkout page.
  • Product Performance & Sales Performance/ revenue reports were also missing in the E-commerce reporting section of the dashboard which had really created huge problems for Nice’s marketing team to understand which product was driving maximum sales.
  • Nice’s Universal Analytics (UA) dashboard also failed to represent the Product List Performance (PLP) report as well.


  • Our Google Analytics experts used Google Tag Assistant (GTA) to audit the complete Nice website & its existing Universal Analytics (UA) account & made an audit report based on it.
  • A data layer code placement guideline document for existing Universal Analytics (UA) for both the websites, Kuwait & Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) was created upon the client’s request as they wanted their in-house SFCC development team to work with us in this project.
  • The given data-layer codes were implemented by Nice’s in-house SFCC developers on both the websites and on the iOS & Android mobile apps with the help & guidance from our technical team.
  • Our Google Analytics team verified all the implemented data-layer codes using Google Tag Assistant.
  • After verification of the data-layer code placements “Tag & Triggers” for each tracking event were set-up by our Analytics team using Google Tag Manager (GTM).
  • Quality Assurance (QA) & report verification were performed in Universal Analytics (UA).
  • Step:2 to step:6 were performed again to set up Google Analytics 4 (GA4) as they wanted us to migrate their UA properties to GA4 considering the depreciation dates of UA.
  • To make the client’s job easy in analyzing reports, our GA experts created report dashboards in Google Data Studio for easy data visualization. Report dashboards such as Google Analytics Behavior Overview, Acquisition Overview, & Audience Overview dashboards for KSA & Kuwait were created.
  • App data testing was performed for their iOS, & Android apps in the GA4 set-up as well.


  • Now Nice has a revamped GA4 dashboard because our GA experts have set-up everything as per the google guidelines & fixed all GTM & Data-layer code errors.
  • The New GA4 set-up now has multiple “view” set-ups with appropriate data showing up under each specific view.
  • Proper checkout labeling is now available in E-commerce tracking. The E-commerce funnel is showing appropriate labels now.
  • All the required goals, such as “Call Us”, “Email”, “Newsletter sign up”, “Order Confirmation”, “Product Views”, “Smart Goals”, & “WhatsApp” are being tracked appropriately now.
  • All necessary reports, such as Internal Promotion & Coupon reports are now available.
  • The Shopping Behavior Analysis report is now available to represent users’ journey from the first session to a successful transaction/ drop.
  • Checkout Behavior Analysis report is now available to show users’ journey on the checkout page.
  • The Product Performance report is now available for every product featured on the website.
  • The sales performance report/ revenue report is now available to give Nice’s marketing team an edge to understand their business performance.
  • Product List Performance (PLP) reports are also available in the new set-up.
  • Additionally, they now have GA dashboards in Google data studio for both Kuwait & KSA websites and their iOS & Android applications.
  • Now Google Analytics 4 (GA4) enables Nice’s marketing team to measure traffic & engagement across their multi-location websites & mobile applications.