Global Leader In Hair Transplantation


Eugenix Hair Sciences is a leading hair transplant clinic with a global presence, founded by Dr. Pradeep Sethi & Dr. Arika Bansal, Alumni of AIIMs, Delhi. They are the best hair transplant surgeons in India who have invented the revolutionary Direct Hair Transplant (DHT) technique in 2012.

In spite of being pioneers in their domain, their brand name was not ranking on any search engines. They had no business from their website’s SEO traffic due to the significant number of on-page & off-page issues. Their paid marketing campaigns on Google & Social Media platforms were also not performing as per industry standards, they were experiencing very higher CPL (Cost Per Lead) and less conversions.

Hence, Eugenix Hair Sciences wanted us to optimize their website for search engines and also wanted us to optimize their marketing spends to get them industry standard Return on their Ad Spends (ROAS).


  • Eugenix’s website was not ranking against any business related keywords. Domain authority score, monthly organic traffic, & quality of backlinks were very poor.
  • The website was getting indexed by search engines in both https & http formats which hampered their SEO rankings.
  • Website performance on mobile & desktop was poor; the performance score was only 20 for mobile & 53 for desktop as per Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • The Eugenix website had a significant number of on-page SEO issues; the HTML sitemap, page title, meta description, meta keywords were not optimized as per industry standards. The website’s performance was affected due to the non-optimization of CSS & JS files.
  • Google Search Console (GSC) reported serious website issues, such as a large number of 404 errors, & duplicate URLs with missing canonicals. Structure data was also not implemented correctly.
  • The loading time of the website’s Homepage was around 7.64 seconds, 7 times more than the standard loading time metrics. Site performance & page loading time were impacted by high DOM value, render-blocking resources, non-optimized HTML code & website images.
  • User Experience (UX) was negatively impacted by Large Contentful Paint (LCP=4.44 seconds) & high Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS=0.893).
  • Google AdWord campaign audit reported that existing campaigns were not optimized well & didn’t drive business as per the expectations.
  • The Quality Score of the targeted keywords were very poor (3), with below-average landing page experience & ad relevance.
  • CPL of some campaigns were more than 60,000 INR, which was too high. The interaction rate or Click-through rate was only 2.82% & conversion rate was only 3-4%.
  • Optimization Score of their multiple Google campaigns were around 60%.
  • 40% of the existing ads had poor ad strength with below-average ad relevance, but it should be Good/Excellent to improve conversion rates.
  • There were lead count reporting issues. The lead count report of the Google Ad dashboard didn’t match with the Google analytics report. The tracking set-up hadn’t been done properly.
  • The phrase, exact, & broad match keywords ratio was not balanced. There were some negative keywords that didn’t provide any conversions.
  • Ad copies were not stuffed with targeted keywords & ad extensions were missing.
  • Geo-based optimization was not done for any ad campaigns. Therefore, paid ads were not visible in targeted geographic regions.
  • The promotional landing page was not optimized in terms of loading time & responsiveness. Additionally, Call-to-Action (CTA), page layout, & information were not properly placed.
  • Additionally, Eugenix Hair Sciences wanted us to support their hair transplant services with synchronized activities of creating awareness & generating potential leads through social media platforms (FB/Insta) as well.


  • The initial task was to technically audit the website to identify all on-page & off-page SEO issues.
  • To resolve off-page SEO issues, our SEO experts prepared an effective off-page strategy. We worked on branded & non-branded keywords to increase quality backlinks. These would result in better keyword ranking & organic traffic.
  • As per the on-page SEO audit findings, our developers had optimized the CSS & JS scripts, HTML sitemap, page title, meta-description, meta keywords, meta tags, site speed, page objects, & HTML page size of the website.
  • Our on-page SEO experts optimized all webpage images in the correct size by fixing the aspect ratio & adding “alt-attributes” to them. Also updated all images in modern image formats (JPEG 2000 & JPEG XR).
  • Site-performance & page-loading time were improved by optimizing Document Object Model (DOM) with a reduced number of nodes, & eliminating render-blocking resources.
  • User Experience (UX) of the Eugenix website was improved by minimizing the duration of the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), & Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) scores.
  • Our PPC experts reconstructed the entire Google ad account of Eugenix to get better results. They developed & launched the most cost-effective paid traffic campaigns within Eugenix’s budget.
  • We planned out the campaigns, revised bid value, & used keywords to target an audience group that would match with Eugenix Hair Sciences’ ideal customer profile, which helped them to receive more high-quality leads.
  • Our PPC experts combined geographic, demographic (Geo-targeting), & behavioral factors to develop engaging ads for Eugenix’s ideal customers, which helped them to reduce CPL to 600-700 INR significantly from 1600 INR (reduced by 43.75%), improved CTR up to 25%, & conversion rate up to 12.75% within three months.
  • We also revised the list of targeted keywords to remove negative keywords as they used up money but didn’t provide conversions & enlisted only relevant keywords with more than 8 quality scores.
  • Ad copies were crafted with targeted keywords, extended headlines, site-link extensions, offers, & call extensions to improve ad strength/ ad relevance value, click-through rate, & thereby conversion rate.
  • We optimized the landing page for better responsiveness & fast loading time, included multiple Call-to-Action (CTA) formats throughout the page & made them much more visible to the users. We additionally simplified the page layouts to reduce users’ distraction.
  • Our Social media experts also launched Facebook/ Instagram ads in India, Canada, Australia, UK, USA, & Ireland.
  • For the Social Media ads we considered all necessary elements, including location, language, age, gender, filters, & placements before selecting a target audience group to enhance the success rate of the lead generation campaigns.


  • Eugenix Hair Sciences’ website is now more SEO friendly due to all on-page & off-page optimizations done from our end.
  • Now their website has a better keyword ranking with high organic traffic. High organic traffic is driving more conversions than before.
  • Search engines are now crawling the entire website seamlessly with no technical errors, as our team has fixed all canonical tags & the site crawlability issues.
  • Google Search Console (GSC) reports are now updated with all necessary modifications.
  • Sitemap has been implemented dynamically & all pages have been indexed by search engines.
  • Now Eugenix Hair Sciences’ branding & promotions are supported by ad management services on Google, Facebook, & Instagram.
  • Paid campaigns managed by Mind Digital Group for Eugenix helped them to promote their hair transplant services & receive more potential leads from targeted regions across India & Globally.
  • Now, the updated Cost Per Lead for Facebook is around 1000 INR, & Instagram is around 800 INR. For PPC, CPL is around 700 INR (previously it was around 1600 INR, CPL has reduced by 43.75%), click-through rate (CTR) has increased by 25%, & conversion rate has increased by 12.75%.