Leading Multi-Speciality Hospital in Advanced Medical Care


Apollo Spectra Sheetla Hospital; the leading multi-speciality hospital is committed to deliver top-notch treatment across India. Apollo Spectra hospital continues to set new standards in the healthcare domain by offering advanced medical care using cutting-edge technologies. Patients across the country trust Apollo because of their world-class infrastructure, latest technologies, state-of-art facilities & team of eminent doctors. All come together to deliver personalized care enabling fast recovery.

In spite of touching heights of excellence in the healthcare industry, they failed to receive enough patient appointments,or walk-ins through their marketing campaigns. Apollo Spectra had no significant patient walk-ins in their Sheetla branch due to lack of optimization of Google & Facebook ad campaigns. They were getting higher CPC (Cost Per Click) & CPL (Cost Per Lead) and fewer conversions when they were managing the campaigns internally.

Hence, Apollo Spectra Sheetla Hospital wanted us to optimize their marketing spends to get them industry standard Return on their Ad Spends (ROAS).


  • Their paid marketing campaigns on Google were not performing as per the industry standards. They wanted to increase the number of patient inquiries, bookings, & walk-ins through their marketing campaigns.
  • Google AdWord campaign audit reported that existing campaigns were not optimized well & didn’t drive business as per expectations.
  • CPL & CPC of some campaigns were very high. Whereas, the interaction rate or Click-through rate & conversion rate were very low when healthcare ad campaigns were managed internally.
  • The Optimization Score of their multiple Google campaigns were very poor.
  • They lacked a well-optimized promotional landing page, which was hampering the performance of internally handled ad campaigns.
  • Apollo Spectra Sheetla Hospital wanted us to support their healthcare services with synchronized activities of creating awareness & generating potential leads through newly launched Google & Facebook ad campaigns.


  • Our PPC experts reconstructed the entire Google ad account of Apollo Spectra Sheetla Hospital to get better results. They developed & launched the most cost-effective paid traffic campaigns within their budget.
  • We planned out the campaigns, revised bid value, & used keywords to target an audience group that would match with our client’s ideal customer profile, which helped them to receive more high-quality leads.
  • Our PPC experts combined geographic, demographic (Geo-targeting), & behavioral factors to develop engaging ads for Apollo Spectra Sheetla Hospital’s ideal customers, which helped them to reduce CPL & CPC, & also improved CTR & conversion rate significantly.
  • Ad copies for the new Google ad campaign were crafted with targeted keywords, extended headlines, site-link extensions, offers, & call extensions to improve ad strength / ad relevance value, click-through rate, & thereby conversion rate.
  • We had created a new promotional landing page with better responsiveness & fast loading time, included multiple Call-to-Action (CTA) formats throughout the page & made them much more visible to the users. We additionally simplified the page layouts to reduce users’ distraction.
  • Our Social media experts also launched Facebook ads in targeted locations. For Facebook ads, we considered all necessary elements, including location, language, age, gender, filters, & placements, before selecting a target audience group to enhance the success rate of the Facebook lead generation campaigns.
  • We had crafted ad captions, designed static & video creatives for the Facebook ad campaigns that would resonate with the brand’s objectives & helped our client to acquire new patients.


  • Now Apollo Spectra Sheetla Hospital’s branding & promotions are supported by professional ad management services on Google & Facebook platforms.
  • Paid campaigns managed by Mind Digital Group for Apollo Spectra Sheetla Hospital helped them to promote their healthcare services & receive more potential leads from targeted regions across India & Globally.
  • Now they are experiencing significantly low CPC & CPL in both Google & Facebook platforms. Along with that, click-through rate & conversion rate have increased significantly.