A truly iconic and global brand for sports & lifestyle products!


Adidas is a brand that needs no mention! It’s a truly global company dealing in sports and sports lifestyle products on a colossal scale. With stores at key locations across the world and with the belief to change lives through sports, Adidas has largely been successful in achieving the mission to be the best sports company on the planet. Similarly, its presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is fuelled by the desire to provide the athletes with the best of sports and fitness products. The Adidas store offers a huge collection of sports, lifestyle and fitness products to give customers and athletes the best of experiences.

Performance notwithstanding, the Adidas store of Saudi Arabia did not have its tracking and Google Analytic set-up in order. The tracking system of the online store was faulty so their team was not able to track data in Google Analytics. The same problem also made it difficult for them to gauge the exact revenue generated from the KSA market.


  • There was discrepancy in reports generated through Google Analytics.
  • There was the need to do an enhanced ecommerce tracking setup in Google Analytics.
  • Complete GA Setup was also required.


  • We created new Data Layers through GTM and implemented the same on the online store.
  • Tag, Trigger, Variable were set up in GTM.
  • We also implemented Advanced GA Setup for E- commerce.


  • We fixed reporting of Total Revenue, Transactions, and Average Order Value.
  • We fixed the Sales Funnel (shopping behavior & checkout behavior) that enabled the flow of right data.
  • We also fixed reporting of Product Performance, Sale Performance and Product List Performance.
  • We also set up Internal Promotion and Coupon Code tracking for fetching relevant data.