Why Work With An Offshore Development Company

Why Work With An Offshore Development Company?

By admin November 12, 2013
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Offshore development refers to the outsourcing of any kind of development work. It can be web development, software development, Salesforce development and offshore designing are just some examples. The concept and idea behind this is to outsource work to different locations around the globe for the purpose of saving money, increasing productivity and improving efficiency.

Offshore Development has become an increasingly popular business model for companies that are looking to decrease overall operating expenses and want to leverage offshore talent that is significantly cheaper. This offshore development model has proven to be a highly effective way for clients to gain overall visibility and predictability in the development process.

Offshore Development Center
Offshore Development Centers are providing secure, reliable and scalable outsourcing to its wide array of global clients. Many brand names such as Oracle, Google, Salesforce, Dell as well as other Fortune 500 companies are using this development center model. Offshore development centers allow the flexibility to clients to have dedicated professional team(s) that work on a full-time basis. A team of dedicated managers will be provided to clients so they can can easily manage this team remotely and receive the best possible results. All of this can be achieved without even hiring any full time employees at their end and using this resource as a project based at a fraction of the cost.

Key benefits of using an Offshore Development Center
Offshore Development Center

The importance of such development centers is increasing due to the low-cost and efficiency factor. The client can easily remain in touch with the team at any time making sure that the KPI’s are being met.

Dramatic Cost Savings: Offshore work is significantly cheaper in India as an example as the cost of skilled labor is dramatically lower than those in the US and European markets. In addition to this, International companies can also enjoy tax exemption benefits due to India wanting to attract MNC’s that are able to offer jobs to its workforce.

High Quality Service: Offshore companies have successful tested methodologies that are built with adhering to high quality standards that all western companies expect. These companies register for certifications such an ISO 9001 certification as an example along with many more.

Opportunity for Additional Activities: These offshore development companies can also be used for providing other services such as R&D, custom applications, localization of products within different regional markets etc.

Faster Market: Offshore development centers also enables clients to reduce the time that is required for marketing of products. Many of these companies are able to work 24/7 which allows them to meet deadlines and deliver completed projects as and when required by the clients globally.

Offshore DevelopmentTeams that are part of the offshore development center are highly experienced due to the needs of  today’s’ global clients. They also have a reputation of delivering projects on a tight deadline within short time frames.It all comes down to the reputation that the offshore team has within the industry and from the clients they work with. If the offshore development team is able to keep their clients happy, then they will be able to create long term fruitful relationships.

Offshore development companies make it easier for international companies to focus more on their core competencies, increase sales of products/services and most importantly remain price competitive within the marketplace. In today’s global marketplace adopting a strategy of working with an offshore development company can prove to be very valuable for your business.

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