Factors To Keep In Mind Before Hiring Dedicated Magento Developer

Factors To Keep In Mind Before Hiring Dedicated Magento Developer

By admin March 11, 2014
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Magento is one of the most popular open source E-commerce applications out there. Magento’s popularity is justifiable. It is a fully-integrated online shopping platform with a variety of product display options and mobile templates to create top quality websites for the growing number of mobile customers using handheld devices. Magento offers product categorization, loyalty programs, configurable discount, promotion rules, multiple transaction options and much more. Magento is also very extensible and lets you add more functionality to your online store as and when you need them. You can extend Magento’s functionality with widgets that enrich the functionality of the front end blocks. An example of Magento widgets include the display of dynamic product data and dynamic product lists based on recently viewed items.

So you have chosen Magento as your E-commerce platform, what next? A viable option is that you can hire professional Magento developers in offshore outsourcing destinations such as India. Indian web development companies offer a lot of breadth and depth in terms of Magento development professionals. However, before you hire one or multiple dedicated Magento developers at an offshore web development company, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Some of these include:

1. Work Experience & Track Record – you need to make sure that the company has a proven track record of working with Magento. The web development company needs to firstly have a good understanding of your business vertical and what your vision is. It also makes a huge difference if the web development company has previously worked with clients who are in the same area of business as you are. Ensure that you are looking at what work they have delivered as well as they truly understand your end goals as it is a critical part of success.

2. Portfolio & Testimonials: Make sure you look into the web development company’s portfolio of finished E-commerce websites to get a fair idea about the sort of Magento development projects they’ve delivered to other clients. Ensure that the development company also has testimonials and you speak to some references to ensure that they are as good as they say they are.

3. SEO & Mobile Websites: SEO is an integral part of success to any web development project. Any company which claims to be very good at development in most cases has a very good SEO team guiding them. Ensure that your site is fully SEO friendly as this should be taken into consideration before rather than post-launch of your website. Similarly, mobile website development is the wave of the future. Responsive web design is the hottest trend which is meant to capture your audience across any device they are using. Any professional web development company will have a robust ‘mobile strategy’ that they should be willing to elaborate upon when a client seeks further details.

4. Price & Flexibility: It’s always very importantly to have transparent understanding about a company’s pricing methodology. You should also ascertain how flexible the web development company is in terms of being able to deal with any changes to a project after the initial project scope is finalized. You need to have the confidence that you have the flexibility to revise aspects of the project if you feel the need for it. Professional web development companies should be able to take such occasional changes to the scope of a project in their stride. Flexibility is the sign of strength of a company.

5. After Sales Support & Ownership: Web development is not quite like selling a car or a refrigerator; in fact, the client and the company will need to stay quite close after the project is finished. Make sure that the web development company is going to provide reliable post-project support to take care of any teething issues. Also, make sure that you ‘own’ the entire content on the website. The content and the code rightfully belongs to the client who paid for it and not the web development company. This should be made clear in the written contract itself. Similarly, you own all the social media accounts that are created on behalf of your company.

Once the above aspects are looked into with detail, hiring dedicated Magento developers is certainly one of the smartest decisions as it’ll let you focus on your core business activities.

At Mind Digital Group, we offer transparency in pricing, quality professionals with many years of Magento development experience and much more. If you have any questions or need any assistance for any of your development needs, please feel free to reach out to our team anytime.

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