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By admin February 12, 2014
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Website development and website design are complex technical activities that are performed by technically trained professionals. Very few people out there are ‘geniuses’ or exceptional in some way or the other. Most people are not like David Karp (of Tumblr fame), Richard Stallman (free software evangelist), Aaron Swartz (computer programmer, writer, internet activist and more), or Barnaby Jack (computer security expert). Technical professionals tend to specialize in different domains: some are PHP professionals, others are HTML5 professionals, and so on. The plethora of technologies and platforms out there can be bewildering. There are many CMS platforms such as Joomla, Drupal, Magento and WordPress; there are many web development languages and frameworks including PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java/J2EE, and .NET. It can all be a confusing alphabet soup of acronyms for the uninitiated (even without referencing TCP/IP, 802.11, Amazon EC2, DCHP, IPv6, ICANN, TLD, ftp, and so on).

No wonder more and more attempts are being made by governments in developed nations to get more kids acquainted with computer programming before finishing high school. For now, there are numerous companies who employ qualified technical professionals for the various needs of clients. The World Wide Web has seen tremendous growth and will continue to see more growth in the years ahead as more people in the world have access to broadband internet. More people are buying smartphones too and telecommunications operators in more and more countries are offering 3G and 4G services leading to broadband internet access happening over mobiles.

This has all revolutionized the world of websites and the field of website development. There are website development companies operating out of every major city such as New York, San Francisco, London and more. Offshore website development firms are becoming very strong Indian cities such as New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and more. India is an established superpower in IT with many Indian IT outsourcing firms employing thousands of employees (software/IT professionals) each. Some even have more than a quarter of a million employees on their payrolls. As a results of this explosive growth, Indian website development and website design firms have developed immense expertise in website design and development.

The strength of Indian website development and design firms lies in their ability to offer global quality and Indian prices. Most higher education and pretty much all technical education in India takes place in English ensuring that Indian IT professionals have great familiarity with the English language. The global reach of Hollywood and their availability on Indian TV (Friends, Seinfeld, 30 Rock, That ‘70s Show, Sex And The City, West Wing) ensures that educated Indians tend to have basic familiarity with American culture.

So, once you do the necessary due diligence, you can generally find a good Indian website development and web design company that will fit the bill for you and meet your needs. The due diligence should obviously include a look at their pricing policies, their website development rates and its detailed breakdown, their hourly rates, the clauses related to delayed project schedules, and so on. It’s worth taking a look at a company’s track record and verifying their claims by talking to their past clients with their permission. If a company makes verifiable claims to have long-term relationships (lasting years) with many satisfied customers, then that company is likely to be good. “Trust but verify” applies of course.

A “full service” website development and design company will not only do a good job of developing your website but also do a great job of promoting it to search engines via Search Engine Optimization or PPC. Once all of the above (and any additional issues that you consider to be critical in judging a company) are ascertained, website development and design by Indian companies can be a rewarding cost effective experience. As always if you need any assistance with your development and design, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital.

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