Tips For Hiring A Good Offshore Drupal Development Company

By admin January 29, 2014
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Drupal is a popular open source content management framework written in PHP. It’s highly secure, reliable and is a great platform to organize, structure, find and re-use your content. Drupal is great at enabling collaborative content creation on a website and allows you the ability to manage content in multiple formats such as text, blog, podcasts, and more. Drupal is highly flexible as it allows designers to create highly interactive, user friendly websites and gives you the ability to design or use the abundant design themes provided. Drupal has more than 15,000 modules and add-ons that are available which truly allow you to make your website future-proof. Drupal is an easy to manage CMS system that allows you to make changes instantly without any headaches and gives your business the flexibility that it needs to grow.

India is, hands down, a leader in offshore software development because of the amazing cost differential between developed and developing nations. Drupal developers are available for a fraction of the cost in the U.S. or UK with a wide range of expertise. Drupal development companies bring different sets of skills to the table. Offshore Drupal development companies differ in terms of their project handling capabilities. It is important to find a Drupal development partner with whom you have perfect synergy. It’s important to flesh out your project in detail and have the end goals precisely defined. This helps you outline your project scope clearly to the offshore development company. The offshore development companies will be able to respond better with cost estimates and timelines if they understand the scale and scope of the project precisely.

Skills & Past Projects: When you are looking to hire a good offshore Drupal development company, you have to verify the credentials of the company. It helps to substantiate the claims of an offshore development company when you can refer to some client testimonials and see some of the work already finished successfully by the company. You can enquire about the number of Drupal developers the company has on its rolls and you might want to talk to them directly. You can have an informal discussion about your project with the Drupal developers to get a sense of their feeling about it. This detailed ‘due diligence’ of a prospective offshore development company might save you a lot of grief later on as it will prevent your hiring a bad company which might lead to delays (and worse disasters) in completing your project.

Employee Feedback: Happy employees point to a satisfactory workplace. A satisfactory workplace leads to employees working with passion and dedication. Employees who give the task their best shot come up with results that meet and exceed client requirements. So it’s important to find out if the employees of the offshore development company are happy. Enquire about the employee turnover rate at the company since this gives a good indication about how happy the employees are. Enquire about the average duration of employment of the employees at the company. Happy employees stick with the same job and company and do not indulge in job hopping.

Professional Certification: IT skills come with official certifications. Cisco offers CCNA, CCIP, CCNP while Linux offers RHCE certifications. Check to see if the offshore development company’s Drupal developers are professionally certified. You can check whether the company belongs to the national IT association/body or not.

Knowledge Base: IT knowledge consists of a core set of knowledge which needs to be updated continuously. Different skills related to Drupal development include Drupal Customization, Development, Extensions, and Drupal Themes. There is Drupal development and deployment and custom Drupal Development. See how many of these skills are available with the company.

At Mind Digital, we have a team of experienced Drupal developers who have expertise across a range of verticals such as healthcare, media/publishing, hotels, and entertainment. Rest assured that our dedicated team makes it a point to meet all client expectations. For further assistance about Drupal development or any other development platform, please feel free to get in touch with the team at Mind Digital.

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