What Are The Advantages Of Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

What Are The Advantages Of Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing?

By admin March 14, 2014
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Traditional marketing includes many different mediums and formats: print, electronic media ads, hoardings in stadiums, display trucks and more. Traditional marketing also includes the catalogs that fill our mailboxes which we love to throw out in the garbage. The problem with traditional marketing formats such as TV ads is that they tend to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even a print advertisement in a national newspaper can be very expensive. Advertisements on TV come on during the ad breaks whether consumers want to see them or not. This ensures that ads are treated by most TV viewers, for example, as a nuisance rather than something useful.

Now turn to digital marketing in its various avatars and advantages. Digital Marketing Campaigns can be tracked, tweaked and the effects are measurable. Consider an email marketing campaign as a perfect example. We can track who has opened the email, who clicked on the links within the email, what they did within the email and so on. This gives valuable data points to the marketer to track the results of his or her ad and the ROI on the money spent in the campaign.

Digital marketing campaigns can be highly targeted and laser focused. For example, users looking to buy a flat screen TV or digital camera are shown relevant ads making it likely that the ad will lead to a purchase. Its’ easy to notice that if we search for flat screen TVs or digital cameras in the Google search box, then when we visit any site, the site will probably show banner ads about TVs or cameras. This is targeted advertising and definitely makes more sense than the traditional advertising paradigm where prime advertising minutes just go to the highest bidder. Think Super Bowl or the Olympic events.

Digital marketing campaigns are cost-effective and scalable whether they are on Social Media platforms or search engines. Digital marketing campaigns level the playing field for businesses of any sizes to compete for the increasing money being spent online. So the David’s of the business world can take on Goliath at least as far as online marketing battles go.

The ROI on digital marketing spends is measurable and the results tend to be more or less real time. Digital marketing campaigns can have a global footprint with very little cost. Contrast with the cost of a traditional marketing campaign that is conducted worldwide. Digital marketing campaigns conducted via Social Media can go viral where the message is voluntarily shared, liked, re-tweet’d, and +1’ed. Thus people volunteer to act as brand ambassadors for the company without taking millions of dollars.

Digital marketing connects with consumers at many levels which is not the case with traditional marketing. You would be quite surprised the effect and impact a good digital marketing campaign can have on your bottom line. If you have any questions or need any digital marketing assistance, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group.

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