How To Get All Salesforce Components In IDE

By admin February 18, 2014
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Another question has been posted to our expert Salesforce developers. The question is “how to get all Salesforce components in ID.” In this step by step process, our Salesforce development team will discuss how you can fetch all components of Salesforce such as Objects, Classes, Visualforce Pages, Triggers etc. in your IDE.

Step1: Open IDE for creating a new project

Choose the File option, and then click on Project to create new project

create new

Step2:Click on the Projectyou have created, then click the Next button Project

Step3:Now in the new project window four fields are populated project window

1. Project Name: Enter the name of your project

2. Username: Enter your Salesforce Organization User ID

3. Password: Enter your Salesforce Password

4. Security Token: When you access from outside of your company’s trusted networks, you must add a security token to your password to login to the API or a desktop client such as Connect Offline, Connect for Lotus Notes, Connect for Outlook, Data Loader, Connect Offline.

To create a security token login into your Salesforce organization

Go to setup → Personal setup → My Personal information → Reset security    token

Salesforce organization

Click on the reset security token to generate a new Salesforce security token. This security token will be sent to your email address which is in your profile.

Enter that security token number you receive in your email from Salesfroce

Click on the Next button

Step4: Click the select metadata component and choose the components such as  Objects, Classes, Pages etc.

select metadata component

Click the OK button

Step5: Then click on the Finish button

the Finish button

Step6: Finally you get the components of Salesforce into the IDE IDE

We hope this step by step walkthrough has been helpful to you. As always if you need any help or anything else, please feel free to reach out to the Salesforce development team at Mind Digital, we are more than happy to help.

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