Why You Should Consider Hiring Joomla Developers Offshore

Why You Should Consider Hiring Joomla Developers Offshore

By admin March 27, 2014
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Finding Joomla developers that fit your needs can be challenging to say the least. A good alternative to hiring Joomla developers in-house at your company is to hire dedicated Joomla developers at an offshore location such as India. There are many distinct advantages to hiring a Joomla developer at an Indian website design and development firm. You save on costs as the cost of Joomla professionals in India is only a fraction of their cost in U.S. or Europe. You also are able to escape from all the HR overheads, headaches, health insurance costs that will result from hiring an in-house developer. Hiring a Joomla developer offshore in a place such as India gives you lots of flexibility as you can hire these development professionals on a flat-rate basis, project basis and even on an hourly basis which gives your business the flexibility it needs.

Joomla is one of the leading open-source Content Management Systems (CMS) used for publishing content to the Web and almost 3% of all sites online are using Joomla. It is one of the best options for websites where you need to upload content frequently and easily. Joomla is written in PHP and stores data in MySQL. The power of Joomla comes from the wide variety of free templates out there and the support that it is widely available along with the thriving Joomla development community. Joomla templates come with CSS3 animation so that you can add attractive menus and other features to a website without any headaches. Joomla templates let you customize the typography, support Social API making it easy to embed Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and much more. With thousands of extensions available at your fingertips, a Joomla based website can be served up as it meets the needs of a variety of customers such as E-Commerce websites, corporate or non-profit websites, social networking websites, online forums and more.

Whether you need a single developer or a team of Joomla developers, there are many companies out there that can give you the expertise and experience you need. At Mind Digital Group for example, we have a large team of Joomla development experts who have developed Joomla solutions for countless small and large enterprise clients from across the world. Hiring dedicated Joomla developers gives you the flexibility to hire as many people as you need for a project and then if need be stop working with them. If you have a large project you can hire more and if you have a small project you can hire less with ease and flexibility. Hiring developers in India is easy as the major language in Universities and during school years is English which means you can easily communicate with your development company.

Hiring Joomla developers offshore can be the perfect solution for your business large or small. Having the flexibility and ease of knowing that you can scale up and down your development needs is something that can allow you to stay ahead of your competitors. If you need any assistance or help with your development or just want to chat then feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group.


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