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By admin July 25, 2014
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The growth of E-commerce website development are just some of the examples of the dynamic nature of business and how we have moved from the age of PCs to the age of mobile devices.

From PCs to iPhones
It’s a tale of how things have truly transformed in 40 years. About 40 years ago, IBM chose Microsoft to develop the operating system for its PC and Bill Gates’ bet that the software was going to be a critical part of a PC which made Microsoft the bluest of blue chip companies.

Now IBM has chosen to partner with Apple to offer the next generation of enterprise applications. Both companies realized their amazing complementary strengths — Apple with its great consumer products and IBM with its global relationships with enterprises and unmatched capabilities in data analytics and security — and have now decided to collaborate. These are all parts of the story which have led to the growth of E-commerce website development.

The example Tim Cook mentioned of how airline pilots were some of the earliest professionals to adopt the iPad because of how it enabled the pilots to replace a mountain load of flight manuals with just a slim, portable iPad, is but one example of how truly the world has gone mobile.

In his recent email to all Microsoft employee, Sata Nadella emphasized how Microsoft needs to be ready for a “mobile-first, cloud-first” world. Clearly, mobiles have won over PCs and Microsoft has come to accept that reality — however unpalatable that may be for the old-timers in Redmond. Even Google itself as a search engine has said that it’s expecting mobile queries to outpace desktop search queries which gives us even more indication about the growth of mobile.

The Age of E-Commerce
David Foster Wallace gave the example of the drudgery of doing grocery shopping to illustrate his point about the value of a liberal arts education and how it was not only important to ask questions but to acquire the wisdom to know which are the questions worth asking.

But that drudgery can now become a moot point thanks to the burgeoning of E-commerce — why force yourself to drive to the supermarket to do grocery shopping in that busy weekend traffic full of gas-guzzling SUVs when you can comfortably sit at home and click away and let Amazon do the shipping to your doorstep?

But Amazon is just one example of how E-commerce has revolutionized our shopping habits. It’s but obvious that if you want to provide a great mobile experience, you need to have an E-commerce website development within your game plan.

Add to that the growing adoption of smartphones — both high-end iPhones to low-end alternatives — and you have mobile E-commerce that combines convenience with mobility.

No wonder mobile E-commerce and E-commerce website development is the fastest growing segment of the E-commerce business.

Mobile E-Commerce Website Development
The business opportunity in E-commerce has been spotted by many savvy entrepreneurs and they are adopting unique and innovative approaches to beat the competition in their business segments. Offshore web development to help you achieve your goal of E-commerce website development is one such option that organizations big or small can look into.

Latest Technologies
Whether your preferred technology is Magento or Joomla and whether you want OpenCart or some other payment solution to be integrated to your E-commerce website, offshore development services to help you with your E-commerce website development is a great option especially out of countries such as India for many reasons.

Just as Elon Musk has created an iconic company — Tesla Motors — and successfully competes with the well-entrenched automobile companies by opting for innovation and new thinking while using technologies that were often pre-existing, Indian software and web development companies have come up with innovations such as the Global Delivery Model and other innovations using the unique strengths of being located in India with access to an abundant supply of technical manpower.

Beyond Cost Savings
Clearly, E-commerce website development offered at professional Indian web development companies go way beyond just the obvious cost savings — though the cost savings are important and non-trivial too.

For example, by opting for offshore development to help you with your E-commerce website development, you have a lot of flexibility in how you want to execute your development. You can even hire dedicated or part time developers at your development partner company to work for you.

With Indian mobile development companies, you get the advantage of English-speaking professionals eliminating some of the language problems that arise with offshore development in Eastern European countries.

Mobile SEO
You cannot hope to beat the competition in the E-commerce website development sphere if your website is not Search Engine Optimized and you cannot hope to do the same if your mobile E-commerce website is not similarly search engine optimized.

Just as Google Penguin and Google Panda updates respectively punish websites that indulge in black hat techniques such as link schemes and down-rank low-quality websites respectively, Google Hummingbird updates are a set of ranking algorithm changes that are designed to optimize Google search results for the mobile age.

With Hummingbird, the focus is on voice search capabilities offered by the search engines and which are used primarily by mobile users. Hummingbird updates have made Google better at answering natural language queries too.

With SEO professionals at offshore development facilities to help you with your E-commerce website development, your website will be optimized in all the required and important ways, you can be assured that your website won’t suffer in the all-important organic search rankings.

A key ranking factor for mobile websites in general is how fast loading they are and your mobile E-commerce website development project needs to be optimized from this perspective. Other unique mobile SEO features include the importance given to features such as click-to-call buttons on your mobile websites and readability features such as the use of large fonts and much more needs to kept in mind.

Social Media Features
You would be losing a lot of business if your mobile E-commerce website development project lacks the adequate Social Media engagement features and/or fares badly on other similarly usability metrics.

Everybody is into Social Media now a days and uploading images to Facebook and liking and recommending brands on Facebook, tweeting about their likes (or dislikes) for brands, Instagramming the lunch they had at a restaurant and so on are all things to keep in mind during the development of your E-commerce site.

To be able to effectively tap into this continuing conversation, businesses need to be present on Social media with their Facebook pages and Twitter handles and so on. When you have a mobile E-commerce website with all the right technical foundations, you can go for an effective digital marketing campaign with PPC advertising or display advertising. The latest trend in digital marketing is to come up with viral videos and more and more companies are opting for content marketing as a long-term way to attract potential customers into the marketing funnel. With the right sort of E-commerce website development, you will be well-placed to win the critical marketing battle too.

The successful business stories are those companies who are able to spot the signs on the horizon and transform themselves accordingly. IBM is a case in point. To succeed in the growing but fiercely competitive E-commerce business, you need to have a solid business plan and also an E-commerce website development plan that is well thought out. You can reap the immense rewards with the correct E-commerce plan to really take your business beyond what you ever imagines. If you need any assistance with your E-commerce website development or anything else, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group.

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