Take Advantage By Hiring A PHP Development Company From India

Take Advantage By Hiring A PHP Development Company From India

By admin April 29, 2014
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PHP, the ‘Personal Home Page’ is one of the most followed programming language, which is used as a general purpose programming or web scripting language. It was designed by The PHP Group, and today, after several upgrades, it is now termed as PHP Hypertext Processor language. Though, it is specifically designed for web development purposes but it is largely used in general designing motives also. According to an estimate, more than 300 million websites on the World Wide Web are developed on this platform. PHP is a development language that is widely used in India for web development and companies of any size can reap the benefits associated with hiring a PHP development company from India.

India & PHP Development Services
India is the largest exporter of software and IT services on the planet, yes the planet. India is also the second most populated nation and also has the largest number of software/IT professionals in the world. The turnover of the software, IT and BPO export service industries plays a major role in the growth of economy and the GDP. Today, software and IT industries in India are the two largest employers for its workforce.

The reason for this is that India stands as the most economical software service provider, owing to its huge workforce of software professionals that for the most part speak fluent English eliminating the language barrier. There are software and IT companies in India that offer varied software and web development services to global audiences. Aside from this, a huge number of freelance software developers also provide the services of web designing and development, along with other web based services such as SEO, PPC, Social Media marketing, application development and more. Professionals in Indian strive hard to meet their clients’ requirements from across the world. They even are ready to work in the UK, US, Canada and Australian time zone shifts. They efficiently offer PHP web development services to their clients and offer customized web and software development services to pitch customer-oriented services. These are just some of the advantages that can be taken advantage of if you decide to working with an Indian PHP development company.

A number of international businesses are dependent on India for development services. They see India as a persuasive place to take web development services from. The following are some of the most plausible reasons behind the popularity of Indian web development services.

Economical (Price) – Every company seeks low-cost web development services and India is one of those places that offer dependable services at reasonable prices. Generally, Indian companies cater their PHP development services in form of different packages, which a business can choose from based around their needs. Whilst a typical web developer costs anywhere from $50 an hour and up in the UK, US or Australia, India can offer the same expertise on an average of $15 and up. The money you can save is significant as a small or large business.

Tried & Tested services – Indian software and web development professionals carry a good reputation due to their in-depth knowledge and experience they have. They are known to be a well-learned and enlightened herd of professionals that have given new verticals to the global software and IT industry. The best thing is that all major institutions that teach these web development and IT professionals are all taught in English so the language barrier is non-existent for western countries such as the UK, US, and Australia.

Upright Professionalism – Indian IT people have revolutionized the market with their unique sense of professionalism. Following the policy of customer is king, they start working in the shift of their clients’ time zone (some companies). Additionally, they make every possible effort to please their clients as they know the value and business opportunity that exists for them individually and as a company.

Individuals and companies of any size can take advantage of the many benefits that come with hiring a PHP development company from India. In today’s competitive marketplace, it is imperative that you can save money and increase your bottom line for your business. As always, if you need any help or advice on PHP development, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group for any of your development needs.

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