What To Look For When Hiring An Offshore Development Company

By admin December 5, 2013
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It’s easier now than ever to hire people offshore across the world due to the technological innovations that help us communicate more easily than ever before. There are many online portals like Elance, Guru, & Odeskwhich assist companies to find people that can help with any of their development needs.

You can communicate with offshore companies across the globe using services like Email, Skype, GoToMeeting, Teamviewer & more. All these modes of interaction make it inexpensive and easy to communicate with development & delivery teams that are located offshore.
Offshore development is a common practice now a days among many companies small or big due to the cost saving along with many other benefits. There is an abundance of offshore development companies that claim they are good but you need to consider some key factors before selecting an offshore development company that is right for you. Here we will go through some of the main criteria to consider before hiring an offshore development company:

Key factors:
Cost Competitiveness – One of the main reasons people offshore work is the cost effectiveness of delivering the work. The main question that you need to ask yourself is; Is the cost of getting this project done offshore cheaper than developing it in your own domestic market? Also, how much are they charging to develop this project compared to other offshore development companies? You need to understand & analyze the answers to these questions before proceeding to offshore work.

Proficiency in Language – Another critical factor to consider when choosing an offshore partner is how good they can communicate in your preferred language. It’s one thing to know what someone is saying but it’s another thing to actually understand what they are saying. You need to make sure that you are speaking, testing, & understanding the offshore development partner clearly as you will be depending on it. It is imperative that the offshore development company can communicate effectively so they can fulfil the needs you have.

Industry Expertise – Another important factor is the expertise the offshore development team has in handling projects that you are willing to outsource. You should ask these questions; Does the offshore company have the necessary experience in completing the project for you? Does the offshore location have the necessary manpower & technological understanding to finish this job for you? How long has the company been working and who are the clients they work with? If you know and feel comfortable with these answers then you are heading in the right direction to choose a good offshore development partner.

Time Zone – It is important to consider the time difference between you and the offshore development company. This can be a tremendous advantage for your organization. By choosing the right partner with an opposite time zone as an example, you can ensure that while you are sleeping your work is being done. This allows you to essentially have an office that is producing work 24 hours which will allow you to save time when delivering projects. You can on the opposite side choose a partner who has the same time zone to ensure that you are communicating with them constantly. This entirely depends on the needs that you have as an organization.

These above are the key factors that need to be understood & reviewed before choosing an offshore development partner. The right offshore partner will allow you to achieve great results for your company and the wrong partner can have negative implications on your business. If you need any offshore development help, advice or just want to say hello then please feel free to reach out to the Mind Digital team anytime. Let us know what your experiences have been when hiring an offshore development company good and bad!

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