Hire An Offshore Ruby On Rails Development Company Over A Freelancer

By admin August 5, 2014
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You have a web project that you have just won, but the questions now is do you hire someone internally or possibly go with and Offshore Ruby on Rails development company? Let’s first understand exactly what Ruby on Rails is before we jump into anything.

What is Ruby on Rails?
Ruby on Rails is an open source web development framework of the Ruby programming language which has revolutionized the development scenario of web applications. More and more companies now prefer web development through ROR as it is cost-effective, fast and efficient. The whole concept behind Ruby is that you shouldn’t have to repeat yourself and you should be able to write fewer lines of code to achieve the same thing. Ruby on Rails development has allowed people to do just that!

Why choose an offshore Ruby on Rails development company?
Offshore web development to companies across the world has been a norm of various firms of a multitude of sizes across the globe. Each company has a different set of core competencies and outsourcing the task of web development to offshore companies has become a cost-effective solution for them. The place to choose an offshore web development has become India for many reasons and primarily it has been the lack of language barrier, technical expertise, and cost effectiveness of choosing an offshore Ruby on Rails development company. They are many offshore Ruby on Rails development companies which can be easily found with a simple Google search.

Choosing to go with an offshore Ruby on Rails development company which can offer you dedicated Ruby on Rails developers compared to outsourcing to a freelancer are two different stories. A dedicated Ruby on Rails developer must be preferred over a mere freelancer because of several reasons. A dedicated Ruby on Rails developer will be like an employee who will work exactly like an office resource except for the fact that he will not be physically located in your workplace. With advancements in technology, such dedicated developers can be in contact with the office during the working hours. A freelancer on the other hand is not a dedicated resource. He may work for many clients simultaneously, which can affect his quality of work and efficiency. A dedicated ROR developer will be working only with one company and unlike freelancers will not be struggling with the deadlines of various projects, he is doing at the same time.

Choosing to go with an offshore Ruby on Rails development company is more effective than a freelancer due to many obvious reasons. Whereas, a freelancer is simply not that trustworthy since there is little accountability and often you will hear reports about how some freelancers left the projects midway and fled. At best, freelancers are good for small development work, and not complete projects.

Ruby on Rails development work is a combination of multifarious skills and technologies. The role of the latest software and hardware is also very crucial. A web project requires the use of many software’s which sometimes requires licenses which freelancers might not be possessing. A dedicated resource on the other hand will work with existing technologies in the workplace. It is obvious that the final product that a dedicated Ruby on Rails development company will deliver will be better than what a freelancer will deliver. Collaboration on the development work with the colleagues and communication between them is very crucial for web development which is possible only with the dedicated ROR employee. Owing to the advance of communication technologies and applications such as webcam, instant messengers, and desktop sharing software, a client can easily monitor the ROR developers quite frequently. In the case of a freelancer such liberty of communication is not provided.

Freelancers are notorious for abandoning projects midway when they fail to deliver within the time frame or they get a higher paying client. With all these limitations and lack of reliability, freelancers are not preferred compared to an offshore Ruby on Rails development company. At the end of the day, a company has systems in place to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the results you have so the smart business decision is to go with an offshore Ruby on Rails development company rather than a freelancer. If you need any help with your Ruby on Rails development or anything else, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group.

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