What To Include & What To Exclude In SEO Plans

By admin May 6, 2014
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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a strategic practice that helps a website rank within the top search results on various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. When a user tries to find something or search for something on the Internet through a search engine, he types a phrase within the search box on various search engines. This phrase is technically referred to as a ‘keyword’. SEO experts work on keywords (that are relevant) and make a website rank within the top results of a search engine.

SEO is useful for businesses of any size, whether in an initial phase or even an established Fortune 500 company. SEO works as a backbone for any business that is looking to increase its presence online and gain visibility within the search engines. If a business chooses to hire SEO professionals for its website or even outsource this SEO work, they can increase traffic to their website and ultimately increase the business they get online.

SEO companies deliver their services under various SEO plans ranging from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. These plans are priced according to the deliverables, goals and requirements of their clients. If you are an SEO professional, whether full-fledged or even a freelancer, there are some strategies that you need to follow whilst creating your SEO plan. You need to think of what your goals are and ultimately what your clients’ needs are after researching in detail their website and the competitiveness of their industry. Below, we have put together a simple list of what you should include and exclude when creating an SEO plan.

What You Should Include In A SEO Plan
Free Audit & Consultation – This is one of the best ways to convince a client or get a new client on-board for SEO services you want to offer. As an example, on your homepage you can create a call to action such as “get a free audit or get a free consultation.” Once a prospective client reaches out to you, it is up to you to cater to their needs after doing your due diligence and speaking with them. This will allow you to create a need for your SEO services after highlighting any problems they have and the opportunities they are missing out on by not being visible through Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Plan Details – It is imperative that you include a detailed plan of how you plan to help them with any problems they may be facing or how they plan on achieving their goals. For example, a detailed SEO plan should have the number of submissions (article, classified, listings, directories, videos, slides, etc.) and Social Media activities you plan on performing for the client. It should also include the amount of times you will be doing these activities’ and when these activities will take place so a client has full visibility on what to expect by using your SEO services

Traffic Reports – The main goal of SEO is to increase user-generated traffic on a website through increased rankings within the search engines. It is, therefore very important to send weekly traffic reports and keyword rankings to your clients showing them the progress of what is being done on a consistent basis. Before you begin your SEO, you should share with the client exactly how much traffic they currently have, what are the position of the keywords you are trying to rank them for so they can have full transparency of what you are trying to achieve.

What Not To Include In A SEO Plan
Hidden Charges – Any additional
charges should be discussed with clients over the phone or during face to face meetings you have. A client should know exactly what they are paying for, what they are getting for these services and anything additional should be clearly spelled out so they are no misunderstandings.

Extremely Technical Terms – Instead of confusing your clients with heavyweight SEO terminologies, you should try and keep it simple so a client can understand what is being done rather than be confused as to what you are doing for them.
Search Engine Optimization is critical for any business that is looking to grow online. Creating an SEO plan that is simple, understandable, and conveys value to clients is essential. If you need an audit, help with your SEO, or just want to speak about SEO in general, feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group.

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