What Matters the Most in SEO: Quality of Content or Links?

By admin May 26, 2021
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It is a top question that lingers in the mind of every digital marketing. The internet era is an ensemble of diverse activities and marketing techniques to draw the attention of visitors. Undoubtedly, content is the king that has the potential to attract an audience and keep them engaged. But digital marketing efforts go futile without the mention of SEO. To attract SEO, websites, blogs, and other online campaigns must be equipped with quality content because the latter is an essential element that yields SEO.

Mentioning the importance of backlinks for SEO also requires attention. But before going further with the essence of the topic, backlinks, or quality content for SEO, it is significant to understand the importance of Content and Backlinks from an SEO standpoint.

Importance of quality content in SEO

  • The right mix of keywords Content writing sans the right mix of keywords fails to generate the desirable goals. The marketer has to ensure that correct keywords and phrases are used relevant to hitting the target audience. Also, the targeted keywords should be the most searched ones by the online users to yield SEO for the websites or other online campaigns of the marketer.
  • High-quality content Writing quality and credible content is an essential practice in the digital market. Howsoever, the quantity and length you give to your content will fall apart if it is not serving the requirement in terms of quality. Inferior quality content fails to bring SEO benefits for online projects like websites and blogs. The users look for proper solutions in the search results, and if your website is unable to satiate the visitor’s hunger, your content requires attention and tweaking.
  • Use keywords strategically The use of keywords in the content can serve the users’ requirements in terms of their geographical location. Hence, don’t overuse the keywords if you think they will not generate the required results. If you believe that the keywords can bring conversions for the website in a specific location, use them as per the strategic location.
  • Social validation Content that is easy to promote is social media networking sites is the need of the hour because online users spend ample time in social media networking. Hence, the companies use the platforms as a lucrative option to promote their products or services.
  • Quality content attracts quality links People will link to your site only if they find your content engaging and informative. However, it cannot be denied that websites and blogs often pay for backlinking. But desirable is to remain organic in every marketing endeavour.
  • No content, no rank It is quite a straightforward rule that Google ranks only credible content. Hence, the connection between content and ranking is crucial for every marketing campaign.
  • Excellent and credible content is shared, bookmarked, and scraped. Hence the power of content in digital marketing is immense and irreplaceable. Any content in the web search result pages that is credible to shared is often shared and bookmarked by the visitors. It is explanatory and a big reason for Google Algorithms to crawl and index such pieces in SERPs.
  • Expertise is reflected through good content. Yes, every company with a website requires good and impressive content to showcase its services or products. Hence the content becomes the focal point of driving SEO for the websites.

Now, let’s explore Backlinks!!

The links from other sites to your sites, mainly through social media sites, blogs, and directories, are Backlinks. Websites featuring high-quality backlinks attract the attention of marketers. High domain authority websites become the definitive element for quality backlinks. The reason is that such sites are credible in the eyes of search engines and searchers.

The connection between content and backlinks

Having links in a site with inferior quality content is not the right approach to gaining SEO for the website. SEO is generated with unique content. Every website owner wants his/her website to feature in the top-ranking pages of search engines. But SEO operates in a set yet different fashion. Content has the power to attract people to the sites, and links serve as an additional tool to attract traffic organically. High engagement is achieved when the visitors repeatedly visit the sites.

A user-friendly site that can attract traffic, lead generation, high conversions leading to sales will automatically attract high-quality backlinks. Hence, a clear indication.

High-quality content paves the way for backlinking.

Another food for thought

No need to worry about the number of backlinks if you have quality backlinks from high domain authority websites.

Now pops the obvious question, why are high-quality backlinks good?

  • The answer is simple. High-quality backlinks are good because they can generate SEO for the website, and the generation of SEO is the most significant need of every online marketing campaign.
  • Links work like endorsements for content because they direct traffic to the websites.

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Search Engines Success Stories are made with Content and Links together.

The SEO journey of any website is reflected with its powerful content. Content can attract traffic through backlinks. The apparent connection between content and backlinks is undeniable. But still, content scores only a tad higher than backlinks in SEO generation for web campaigns and projects. Hence, it will not be wrong to conclude that the success story of SEO cannot even an inch without the co-existence of quality content and links.

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