Superior Offshore Web Development At A Reasonable Cost

Superior Offshore Web Development At A Reasonable Cost

By admin June 11, 2014
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You need a suitable technology to help you promote your business online. The Internet is the best global medium to acquire an increased amount of business as it comprises of the entire world that can become your customer base. Without the help of the Internet, you will not be able to exploit the global business opportunities. To establish your company online today, is becoming increasingly difficult day by day because of the ongoing competition and premium priced services. As a result, web owners are looking for alternative affordable options. As a result, business owners have started to approach offshore development destinations such as India for premium quality web development services at a lower cost.

Flawless Development & Expert Service
Developing countries which are located offshore have several web development companies that offer the ability for companies to hire dedicated PHP developers and skilled designers to ensure excellent web development services, proper functionality and convenient management. Websites which are developed offshore have great quality and useful applications of PHP software programming are being used with the latest techniques. When you hire offshore PHP development resources in countries such as India, you can fulfil all your requirements and create the exact web development project that you desire. You get a website with dynamic features, ability to customize it as per your needs and all at a relatively cheaper rate.

Versatile Task Force
A PHP team located offshore comprises of skilled professionals. A good quality offshore development firm as a versatile workforce consisting of dedicated PHP developers, creative web designers, project managers and digital marketing experts. The web designers create attractive, unique, and user friendly designs. A project manager supervises the entire project while keeping the client fully aware about how the project is progressing and the manager also ensures that the project does not face any hiccups. When a website is created the client is briefed about the entire working of the website, the various quality inputs and the maintenance of the website. After the website is developed, the digital marketers take charge and optimize the site ranking through Search Engine Optimization, Social Media marketing and PPC to ensure maximum viewership online. The biggest advantage of hiring a good offshore web development company is that you get an entire suite of web development and digital marketing services under one roof. This allow any business owner to truly leverage all the different channels when creating a website to ensure that nothing is missed off for your online marketing efforts.

Economic Pricing
One of the biggest advantages of hiring offshore PHP development professionals is that it ensures excellent quality production at reasonably low rates. The cost of website development in the US, UK or Australia as examples is quite high because of the high cost of living in these countries. On the other hand, developing countries have lower cost for labour due to a lower cost of living. As an example, a bottle of Pepsi will cost 1 dollar in the US versus 20 cents in India for the same bottle. As a result, the cost for a PHP developer in India is quite low compared to western countries. Hence you get the same output with a much lower cost. India also has the largest amount of IT workforce in the world entering the market every year from college and universities. This allows countries from across the world to benefit as a result of the increased English speaking workforce that is entering the development and digital marketing IT world in India every year. India has a country is one of the first places that people think of when they are looking to offshore any type of development work as they have a tested and tried IT offshore system in place with hundreds of companies offering these services.

Efficient Communication & Support
Businesses from across the world have the ability to hire dedicated PHP developers in addition to other digital marketing professionals. These development or digital marketing professionals can act as your own employees and even can become an extension of your web team. Almost all offshore PHP development companies maintain communication with clients through Skype, email, video conferences or telephone. Long distance communication does pose a concern over the supervision of work and timely delivery of projects. However, with the correct communication in place in addition to project management tools, you would be surprised how easy it can be to have a dedicated development team located in India. In addition to this, English is the major language that is taught in almost all IT College and universities so language does not pose as a barrier of communication. India is known as an IT country and services global clients such as Dell, HP, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and many more.

An offshore web development team is a great option for any business owner, large or small. All you need to do is be careful about which web development firm you hire. Ensure that they have the expertise to perform all your work and are meeting all your commercial requirements. Ensure that you have done your due diligence in the form of reference checks, portfolio viewing, and technical interviews of team members so that you do not face any problems. Make sure you are comfortable working with them and you have confidence that they can deliver the type of work you need help with. India as a country when you find the right partner can truly get you superior web development at a very reasonable cost.

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