Web Development Company In India Defined

Web Development Company In India Defined

By admin July 21, 2014
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Technological innovation has a built-in positive feedback loop where change begets more change and innovation leads to further innovation. This is all good and the process is relentless. Globalization and the dotcom boom have been some of the primary drivers of global economic growth in the last two decades. This sometimes impacts people in a negative way for example when some manufacturing got shifted from the U.S. to China and many people in the U.S. lost their jobs. Similarly, in the web development industry, many jobs have shifted from Western countries such as the US and UK to India. Web development company India has become a very popular term for many reasons.

But such dislocation is normal even without offshoring of industries or verticals. A dynamic economy always goes through a churning process that generates new varieties of jobs which are often better paying than the older jobs. As low-end manufacturing and services jobs (such as those in call centers) got offshored from the U.S., globalization also created many opportunities for enterprising people in the developed nations Individuals could start small businesses with very low investments by offshoring most of the routine activities such as accounting, software and web development to name a few.

Web Development Company in India
Starting with pioneers like General Electric who started their Indian operations nearly two decades ago, a small trickle of companies such as Texas Instruments followed GE’s lead. Soon enough, the benefits of offshoring various operations to India converted the trickle into a flood.

Indian software development companies were also wise to the incipient opportunities and many small companies grew through the last decade of the 20th century to become multi-billion dollar companies now. Infosys, Wipro and TCS are only three well known examples of companies that comprise the software development and IT sector in India that has a turnover of more than $100 billion. Today, IBM and GE employee tens of thousands of employees in their multiple R&D and support facilities spread across different cities in India. This allows you to clearly see the impact the web development in India has had on the global economy.

While software development was and remains an arena where the capabilities of Indian companies have shined brightly and offshore development in India has become normal, web development in India has been a great growth area and a success story in more recent times. The Internet has really exploded with the wide availability of broadband as well as the spread of 3G and 4G technologies combined with the growth of cheap smartphones. So much so that six times as many mobiles are now sold as PCs.

With billions logged on to the Internet, the Internet economy too has exploded creating many opportunities for smart entrepreneurs. For Internet entrepreneurs, the basic requirement is to have a good website. Similarly, the growth of E-commerce has meant that there are any number of online businesses who enable customers to purchase stuff from their websites. An E-commerce website is obviously the heart-and-soul of that business — think of the Amazon which is the gold-standard among e-commerce businesses.

or all businesses and individuals, using a web development company in India counts as a strategic advantage. With you use a web development company in India, companies stand to save anywhere from 50 to 80 percent or more compared to onsite web development.

Why Work With an Offshore Development Company in India?
Small businesses or individuals starting an online business or E-commerce business want to focus on growing their core business and not on technical aspects such as web development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For them, offshore web development services provided by Indian companies truly count as a strategic advantage.

When working with a web development company in India, you get the assurance that your website is properly tested during development and is not an automated job. Similarly, professional web development companies frequently test the websites while they are under development on different popular browsers — Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. — to ensure that the website works perfectly on all of those browsers. In addition this small point above, we will discuss some of the advantages of working with a web development company in India:

Cost Saving
Not to beat a head horse as they say, but clearly, if companies can get a top quality E-commerce website and full post-launch support for a year for $7,500 compared to $30,000, companies would be smart to opt for the lower cost option. The money you save with offshore web development in India can be deployed into other critical investments: whether building more physical infrastructure for your business or providing training to your core staff or sending the staff on a company-paid holiday and so on.

More Than Just Web Development
Working with a web development company in India can help you cover the entire spectrum of needs of clients starting with website development including website support, digital marketing initiatives such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media.

SEO & Digital Marketing
Whether you are a limousine operator or a Fortune 500 brand, you probably have a ton of competition. In such a scenario, you need to deploy all the weapons in your arsenal to win the war. And SEO is one such critical weapon without which you cannot hope to beat the competition.

Proper SEO integrated into your website will take care of numerous and frequent changes implemented by search engines like Google to their ranking algorithms. Different algorithm changes like Google Penguin and Google Panda have different purposes behind them. With the correct SEO applied to your website, you can be sure that your website will do well in the organic rankings on the all-important Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

To beat the competition, you might need to invest in digital marketing activities — more or less every company (online businesses as well as brick-and-mortar ones) are now investing some amount of money in such efforts. More likely than not, the web development company in India that you are working with can provide you all of these services besides just offshore web development help.

Being Ready For a Mobile-First World
As more than half of Internet searches now happen from mobile devices, the search engines are tweaking their results to meet that reality. This has implications for businesses of all sizes. You need to have websites that are mobile-optimized so that they won’t be penalized by Google in the search results. You need fast-loading websites and you need websites that utilize responsive web design principles.

Websites that use responsive technologies look equally well on devices with different screen sizes — from 27-inch desktop screens to 5-inch smartphones. When working with a web development company in India, you get the assurance that professional offshore web developers will develop a website that has all the required ingredients for a mobile-first world which is responsive in design as well as is optimized for Google.

As the above details show, working with a web development company in India brings numerous benefits no matter how small or big your company is. There are any number of companies and businesses who are benefiting by partnering with top-notch offshore web development professionals such as Mind Digital Group. Drop a line to us to get further details about our flexible web development contract options that will suit your budget, needs and timelines. We are always here to help or answer any questions you may have.

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