Offshore Magento Development Means More Than Just Development Help

Offshore Magento Development Means More Than Just Development Help

By admin April 7, 2014
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If you are looking for a top-of-the-line open source E-commerce application for building online shopping websites with shopping cart functionality, then Magento is a great choice. Magento which is now part of eBay is currently being used by about 10% of online stores across the world today.

One of the best options when looking for Magento development assistance is to opt for offshore development services. The benefits of offshore web development are obvious and a great choice is India as it is a leading destination to help you with your offshore development needs for businesses of any size. You can get both Magento development help as well as a great partner to help you with your online marketing, all in one place.

Why Magento?
Magento’s popularity as a shopping cart platform for E-commerce websites rests on its strong architecture that does the job for both large and small websites. Magento’s rich feature set includes promotional and marketing tools for E-commerce websites. It offers all the expected features such as support for multiple languages, currencies, one-page checkout, SEO capabilities and much more. Not only do you get functionality, Magento themes let your website stand out with a unique look and feel. Responsive themes available in Magento enable the creation of a website that looks great when viewed on different screen sizes. As more customers move towards making purchases from their smartphones or tablets, Magento offers the ability to create websites that have full mobile/tablet shopping functionality.

Online Marketing & SEO
By opting for Magento development services at an offshore web development facility, you get the option of additional services such as online marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Professional SEO ensures that your website does not suffer because of the frequent changes you may make due to having an online Magento store that is constantly being changed and updated with new products or services. The “new” SEO comprises of many things such as content marketing and Social Media marketing. Content marketing includes having a frequently updated blog with great original content that visitors will love and love to share. Social sharing is the name of the game in the age of Social Media. Social Media marketing is about smartly engaging with existing and potential customers. It’s about taking your business to your customers. When you use a good offshore Magento development company they can help navigate the SEO & Social Media minefield to ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors.

Customer Outreach & Reputation Management
Since most customers are present on some or all of the different Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and so on, it makes sense for businesses to maintain a presence on some or all of these platforms. For example, If someone’s flight is delayed or baggage gets lost in transit, the first thing today’s passengers are likely to do is vent their anger at the airline by taking to Twitter. It’s one thing when a passenger complains about draconian security restrictions on all airlines in the U.S. such as when Prof. Richard Dawkins complained about how he was not allowed to carry a small bottle of honey in his carry-on luggage; it’s another thing when a passenger complains about the ineptness of a particular airline. In that scenario, it makes sense if the airline is present on Twitter to respond to the passenger’s complaint. If the complaint gets resolved or even acknowledged, the passenger will likely become a brand evangelist for that airline. Not many tweets can be record-breaking like Ellen’s Oscar selfie and not many YouTube videos can top a billion views, but being a hit on Social Media even on a reduced scale can bring many benefits to your brand large or small.

For a professional approach to Magento development as well as a long-term online brand building strategy, your best bet is to opt for offshore Magento development services provided by reputed Indian firms with a solid track record. You are able to get both Magento development support and an online marketing strategy together in one place. If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group for all your web development needs, big or small!

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