See Measurable Results By Hiring Dedicated Ruby On Rails Developer

See Measurable Results By Hiring Dedicated Ruby On Rails Developer

By admin March 3, 2014
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Ruby on Rails is an open-source web application framework built on the Ruby programming language. Many well known companies such as Amazon, Cicso, IBM, JP Morgan and web-based companies such as Scribd, Groupon, Basecamp are all using Ruby on Rails in some way or the other. The reasons for the popularity of Rails are quite obvious: use of Rails leads to greater productivity in terms of web development and using Rails more or less guarantees good design choices as Rails uses the MVC pattern.

Other advantages of using Ruby on Rails (RoR) include:

1. Super-fast development: a leaner code base and modular design enables the rapid launch of the website and quick post-launch modifications, if needed. In fact, building complex websites becomes a simple affair with Ruby on Rails

2. Cost effectiveness: since web development happens fast, it reduces cost too

3. Flexibility: availability of ready-to-use components provides a lot of flexibility to build the application and extend its functionality

If you need Ruby on Rails developers to develop a website for your company, you can hire dedicated Ruby on Rails developers in offshore web development companies. With dedicated Ruby on Rails developers, you get the benefit of cost savings and flexibility without various overheads associated with in-house developers such as HR expenses or health insurance costs.

With a website built around Ruby, you will be ready for the future as Rails is the hot new platform right now with ever-growing popularity and more and more companies are opting for websites built around RoR. The cool-ness associated with Rails ensures that top-flight programmers are using it with a great community of helpful developers skilled in Ruby on Rails.

The business environment in which companies operate is fiercely competitive as well as one of relentless change. The businesses that will thrive in this atmosphere will be those who adapt swiftly and smoothly by reacting smartly to all manners of changes. E-commerce companies have to take into account the growing preference for smartphones that consumers are showing. As of now, most online retailers are ill-prepared in this respect but in a couple of years, responsive web design will be adopted by one and all. Consumers are willing to make online purchases via their mobiles — as long as the online retailers allow it. As of now, it’s often a headache to purchase stuff online using mobile devices but expect this to change in a year or two.

Businesses of any size have to learn to navigate through this fast evolving business scenario. Hiring dedicated Ruby on Rails developers gives companies a definite advantage as this gives them flexibility to focus on their core business while the professional developers take care of the task of web development. Dedicated Ruby on Rails are available for work on a full-time basis, part-time basis and an hourly basis. Hence, clients can hire as per their unique requirements. With email, chat, Skype, and phone options available, clients can stay in close touch on a daily or hourly basis with the Ruby developers as their website development project progresses. With flexible hiring arrangements, companies can even afford to add modules to their website or make changes to the design of the website while the project is in progress. With the cost savings associated with offshore web development, you can afford to hire additional dedicated Ruby on Rails developers or extend the scope and duration of the project without breaking the bank.

When you add up all these distinct advantages, it becomes a no-brainer that you should opt for hiring dedicated Ruby on Rails developers for your website development project. If you have any questions or need any help with your Ruby on Rails development, please feel free to get in touch with the team at Mind Digital Group for all your development Needs.

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