How To Choose A Company When Hiring Dedicated PHP Developers

How To Choose A Company When Hiring Dedicated PHP Developers

By admin April 21, 2014
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For businesses looking to build a cutting edge website, PHP-based websites are a great option. PHP is a popular platform that is behind about 250 million websites and 2 million web servers all over the world. Generally PHP supports all the platforms as Windows, Unix, Linux, and Mac OS. It supports a wide range of databases and is compatible with almost all web servers that are used today.

Offshore Development
In the increasing competitive marketplace, companies that take advantage of opportunities will thrive. Offshore website development is one such opportunity that companies and individuals are benefiting from. Of all the offshore development destinations, India offers some unique advantages including professional quality PHP development services at affordable ranges.

Hire Dedicated PHP Developers
When you choose to go for offshore PHP development, you can choose to approach a web development project in a completely hands-off manner or you might opt to be deeply involved. For those who want to keep a close watch on their PHP development, the option to hire dedicated PHP developers through Indian web development companies, makes a lot of sense.

If you opt to hire dedicated PHP developers, you can choose to participate in the interview of PHP professionals who will be hired by the Indian PHP development company or just ask them to provide your candidates. You can interview and finalize the candidate yourself via Skype or phone.

While your project is in progress, you can be in close touch with the progress of the project on a daily or hourly basis with adequate reporting by the dedicated PHP developers. Thus you get complete control over the project’s lifecycle and its implementation without bothering about the overheads associated with in-house development. When you hire dedicated PHP developers, you get all the benefits of in-house development without having to navigate all the mazes related to the paperwork, HR health insurance, and dozens of other local, State and Federal laws.

The Best PHP Development Company
In a crowded field, how do you find the best PHP Development Company? You look for experience, expertise and innovative ability. When Google hires staff, it looks for more than raw GPAs. When Elon Musk as an example interviews candidates, he looks for detailed answers from candidates about how they had solved a complex problem they had encountered at work.

To differentiate between the many PHP development companies, you need to check the following:

Work experience: You need to make sure that the PHP development company has prior work experience delivering PHP projects that are similar to yours. Client testimonials can be a great way to point to a company’s prior projects. This will provide insights about the quality of the PHP professionals employed by the company and their technical competence.

Portfolio: You should check on a company’s portfolio of websites that it has finished and delivered to clients. Happy clients mean that the company has previously executed quality projects to the satisfaction of clients.
Pricing: A company’s pricing policy should be clear and flexible. Check them to make sure that you would want to partner with such a PHP development company. How does the company deal with change requests to the project scope after it is finalized? In a dynamic environment, clients may need to make additions to their project while it is being executed. The way a PHP development firm manages to take care of additional project requirements points to their maturity and project execution capability.

Post-Project-Delivery Issues: How does the company deal with any teething troubles that might crop up after the project is delivered? After all, a website is not a consumer good and problems might appear despite the best of testing on different operating systems and browsers. A mature PHP development firm will offer support to its client after the project is delivered. These support activities may take different forms — just technical support to make sure that the website roll-out is completely smooth or an ongoing contract to take care of digital marketing aspects.

Digital Marketing and SEO: With a massive demand in Digital marketing, businesses cannot just think of a website development project as a standalone activity. They have to think long-term and have a digital marketing strategy. Ensure that the PHP development company your engaging with has the professionals you need to deliver digital marketing that works.

With search engines rolling out swift changes to their search engine algorithms, websites that do not have what search engines are looking for will suffer in organic search results.

With Google giving priority to top quality content, no wonder more than 90% of marketing professionals at Business to Customer (B2C) companies had used content marketing strategies. A content marketing strategy can take a variety of forms including the use of Social Media channels, blog postings, newsletters and so on.

Mobile Friendly (or Responsive) Websites: No website developed in 2014 can afford to ignore the rise of smartphones. With 4G LTE networks in place and smartphones that display 4K video, websites need to be developed to take full advantage of all that multi-core 64-bit processing power. Sleek responsive web design is the name of the game today. Websites have to look good and be usable on smartphone screens. Make sure that the PHP development company you are working with has the ability and has in the past delivered fully responsive sites.
Hiring dedicated PHP developers is the first step to give yourself a competitive advantage in a flat world. As always if you need any help or have any questions regarding any PHP development, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group.

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