Top Five Benefits Of Salesforce

By admin May 13, 2014
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According to Forbes, Salesforce is the most innovative company in the world for the past 2 years in a row. This is no surprise at all for those familiar with the Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software) software. There are many reasons for this and below we will share the top 5 benefits of Salesforce and why you should choose it as your CRM of choice.

1. Managing Territories: This is one of the foundational functions of what Salesforce does for a company. When you have a team of sales people small or big, how do you manage which territories and which areas each of them are going after. Instead of using old-school spreadsheets, a CRM like Salesforce can help you track and monitor almost anything you can imagine. It saves you time, resources, and headaches that come along with managing a small or large sales team. You can do many things such as the following:

A. Automation and better management of lead processing and territories

B. Leads can be assigned to users according to the parameters that make business sense and customized around your business goals/needs

C. Instant email notifications can help sales reps follow-up with customers and prospects immediately

D. You can achieve better efficiency and greater integrity by not having multiple people calling from the same company

2. Tracking Competitors & Managing Opportunities: In today’s competitive marketplace, it is critical for a business that is looking to succeed that every opportunity that comes is managed efficiently and diligently. You also need to keep a track of what your competitors or doing or not doing. You can do many things with the Salesforce CRM such as:

A. Diligently ensure that every opportunity is followed up on and not forgotten through the various in-built tools

B. Faster responses to any client that enquires about your services or products which shows ultimately to your customers that you care about their business

C. You can keep a close eye on your competitors and any discounts or coupons that they may be offering in the marketplace

D. Ability to see what deals what been lost or won due to a competitor or any other reason

3. Forecasting: A good CRM system gives you the ability from a business point of view to track exactly what is happening but also accurately forecast the growth or decline of your business. For forecasting, the Salesforce CRM can do many things such as:

A. Calculation based forecasting using all the information from your sales team

B. Difference between booked and recurring revenue can be clearly divided

C. Customizable forecasting based upon the parameters that make business sense for you

4. Managing orders: The Salesforce CRM allows you to truly manage end to end customer relationships. You can see everything from the first time when you engage with a client to when they place an order and beyond. You can also do things such as:

A. Easily turn an estimate into an order and beyond with a single click of a button

B. Customized and automated reports based around what you need to see

C. Fully customizable dashboards for each user within your organization

D. Complete customer intelligence based around the most important part of your business, your customers!

5. Upselling & Cross Selling: More competition means that you need to stay in touch with your customer’s consistently. A good CRM solution helps you know what your customers’ needs are and most importantly find out what they are missing out on. By utilizing Salesforce effectively, you can keep in touch with customers consistently and see what other services or products you can offer them. This will allow your account management team or your sales team to extract more revenue for each of your current customers.

Salesforce is a CRM system that can truly help you with all of your business and client needs. The beauty of this CRM solution is that it can truly be customized upon your business and help you gain a full 360 degree view upon all of your clients. As always if you need any custom Salesforce development help or anything Salesforce related, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group.

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