4 Crucial Factors For Search Engine Optimization

4 Crucial Factors For Search Engine Optimization

By admin May 30, 2014
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If you’re the owner of a website or an entrepreneur trying to make an online presence for your product or service, the term SEO must not be new to you. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the method through which, the traffic of a site is increased by targeting a specific audience or potential customers.

SEO is the art of customizing and designing your website including the content in such a way, that the final website is easily picked up by the search engines and displayed on the top results for specific keywords. It is a cheaper method of promoting your website and generating an organic reach for your website, rather than using the online advertising methods like Google AdWords, which require you to spend money to generate traffic to your site.

The term ‘organic’ means “having the characteristics of a living organisms and developing in the same way as they do”. Thus, in the case of organic Search Engine Optimization, the term organic is somewhat similar, the only difference being that it is concerned with the natural or organic development of the search engine algorithms. The main emphasis is to create a positive relationship with the search engine algorithm in order to ensure that the contents of a website are properly read and interpreted by the search engines.

Here below is 4 crucial factors to consider for your Search Engine Optimization:

1. Quality Content – In the world of search engines, ‘content is the king’. It is of utmost importance to maintain high quality content for your website so that the search engines find your site favorable and rank them higher. The content of your site must provide some valuable information to people who are viewing your website and this can only be done by ensuring that the content that you post on your site is of high relevant quality.

2. Social Signals – This is a highly debated topic but the use of social signals like Facebook likes, shares, Google + ones and shares and (re)tweets of your twitter feed is very important. The more likes and shares your content gathers from those who are engaged with your content, the better ranking you get on the search engines. Google doesn’t confirm this directly however many experts agree that social signals play a factor in ranking.

3. Backlinks – Backlinks refer to the sites that link back to your website. Having good quality back-links is one of the key factors for maintaining a good page rank on Google and other search engines. Sharing your content on Social Media websites, posting it on popular forums and listing your website in good website directories are the most common ways to improve your back-links. In addition if you provide high quality content, you will generate back-links automatically due to people sharing your valuable content you have created.

4. Researched keywords: Keywords plays one of the most important roles in higher rankings as it is the keyword that helps in identifying what a user is searching for and then by matching the keyword with the content on your website, the search engines get to know whether your site provides information regarding these keywords or not. It is one of the most important aspects of organic Search Engine Optimization.

Based on the above mentioned criteria, you can surely work on getting good results in your organic Search Engine Optimization efforts. If everything goes right and you follow these 4 simple things, the organic traffic to your site can reach new heights. If you need any assistance with your SEO or anything digital marketing related, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group.

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