4 Reasons Why Magento Is Popular

By admin April 24, 2015
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Today, the world has turned into a hectic and busy place. People have become so engulfed with technology that they don’t even know who the neighbor is or the new person who has moved down the street. Family get-togethers and friend outings have been replaced with WhatsApp group conversations and Facebook chats. The same goes for offline shopping being replaced or a lighter-term “shifted” online. If you are a business large or small, you can now easily setup an online store by choosing to go with Magento development services. The online shopping world is booming faster than anyone could have ever imagined and it can no longer be ignored by anyone. The Magento CMS (Content Management System) which is now owned by eBay is the most widely-used Ecommerce CMS platform in the world today and by no means is it an accident! If you are looking to get into the huge boom of Ecommerce/online shopping, then you need a solution that is robust, secure, flexible and has all the features you could ever need when it comes to having an online store. The Magento CMS is brilliant and below we will discuss many of the reasons why it has become so popular a choice for even large enterprise organizations who are looking to get into the Ecommerce world:

Huge Variety Of Themes – The Magento platform offers countless free and premium ready-made themes that are available at your fingertips. Gone are the days where you need to design a PSD with a graphic design professional as you can easily choose something that works for your business. You do however have the option to create your own design and integrate with the Magento CMS, just to be clear. With a theme, you can easily select a visually appealing template that will work across all devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets and even mobile phones which is known as a fully-responsive theme. This allows you to limit the development work for Magento that takes place and upload only the content within the theme that you acquire which you can even do yourself. Setup an online store easier than you ever imagined by choosing to go with the wide assortment of easily available themes that the Magento CMS offers.

Complete Solution – Going with Magento development truly allows you to spread your wings globally. From the ability to have multiple languages and multiples currencies to serve a global customer base to the ability to have unlimited products/categories within your Ecommerce store, Magento does it all and then some. You can easily even market to your customers through the multiple automated email options to the SEO-friendly options that it comes with it out-of the box making Magento a complete one-stop solution for your business. When it comes to having lots of features for your online store, the Magento CMS is really hard to beat as it really allows you to step it up. More than likely you will not even use all the features that it provides which gives you an idea of how robust the Magento CMS really is. Ask the Magento company you are working with to walk you through or even show you some of the things that this platform can do and you will be surprised.

Free To Use – Who doesn’t like free in this day and age. Granted, the free version may not have all the features of the Magento Enterprise edition but you can run a complete Ecommerce store without any issues even in the free version without a problem. In addition, the Magento CMS is fully open-source meaning that you can easily customize it around your business needs with the help of a Magento development professional. More than likely, you will be able to find all the functionalities and features you need within the Magento CMS but in case you don’t, you can easily opt for Magento development to really get the extra oomph within your online store. Being free to use and the ability to easily customize it around your business make it a winner when it comes to flexibility which is critical in this day and age.

Extensions & Plugins – The Magento platform comes out of the box with a huge variety of the most common features you can imagine such as one-page checkouts, guest checkout capabilities, analytics of what is selling/what is not selling, inventory management options, ability to create multiple user accounts and so much more. However, in case you can’t find what you need out of the box, the Magento CMS has a huge library of free/paid plugins or extensions that are available. From SEO extensions to increasing the speed of your online store extension options, the options are many when it comes to giving your Ecommerce store the extra juice it needs during the Magento development phase. Almost any feature or the most common issue you can think of when it comes to an online store that happens, someone has thought of it and created a solution for it already.

Going with the Magento CMS platform is a great choice which you will not regret as you can really set yourself up for success when it comes to selling online. From Chopard to Christian Louboutin, many International well-known brands are depending on the features, functionality, friendliness, extendibility and security that the Magento CMS platform provides. From a super-supportive community that is always willing to help to the enterprise option that Magento offers to really supercharge your online store, it is a win-win situation for both customers as well as companies who are looking to have an Ecommerce presence. If you are looking for an online store solution for your business no matter what your size, you won’t be disappointed by choosing to go with Magento as long as you can find a capable Magento development partner to deliver what you need. If you are looking for a reliable, trusted and experienced Magento development partner, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital for any of your development or digital marketing needs you have.

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