4 Simple Ways To Boost Your SEO Using Social Media

4 Simple Ways To Boost Your SEO Using Social Media

By admin April 9, 2014
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Gone are the days where you can rely only on SEO to gain rankings on the search engines. Today, Google and other search engines are looking at social signals more and more which indicate what your brand is about, how much it’s being talked about and who is sharing it online. A good Social Media strategy along with SEO will help you gain better rankings online. If you follow these simple tips, you can help your SEO using Social Media.

Choose the right network
With so many forms of Social Media networking in the market today, it can be quite daunting to try and figure out which one is best. Let’s start with the simple ones for now: Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter are great ways to distribute your message to the masses if you want the search engines to see it. Anytime you need to login to a portal to see what’s being said such as Facebook, remember that the search engines cannot see this content. Facebook is good for SEO when the posts are public and are only viewable by the friends within their network of the people who have shared this content. Make sure you are sharing your content and distributing as much as possible so that social signals are being sent to the search engines to improve your SEO rankings.

Tailor your messaging according to the network
very Social Media network is unique and therefore you need to make sure that your messaging and content is tailored to its users. As an example, Twitter needs to be 140 characters so make sure that your message is tailored according to this Social Media channel. People can tell when something has been copied that was specifically made for Facebook to Twitter and vice versa. Tailor your keywords, tags, and messaging to the Social Media channel that you are targeting as one shoe doesn’t fit all especially within Social Media.

Engage & start a conversation
Search engines love when conversation threads are taking place and happening. When people ask or answer questions on a specific topic, the search engines notice this. The engines are all about how much you are engaging and giving back to the online community. The more you are giving and engaging, the better social signals are being sent which will help your overall SEO efforts. A great example of a social forum that benefits SEO is Reddit. You would be surprised how much traction topics get and what benefit it can have on your SEO rankings. The more you are talked about and shared, the better it will be. Use Hastags (#) when you want to single out specific talking points in the Social Media world as this will help topics trend higher. When you hashtag your post it can climb faster, be shared more, and be found by users online easily.

Join gathering & groups
There are conversations that are taking place online about almost any topic you can imagine. Everything from boring forum threads on the specifications of a specific wireless router to the latest fashion trends can be found at your fingertips. Twitter trends, FB pages, and forums are great places where you can identify what is being talked about and how you can join in on this conversation. When you see a topic that is relevant to your brand or product, engage with users and provide them information, help and your opinion on this subject. You would be surprised about what type of impact It can have on your SEO and who can become your brand ambassadors as a result. You even have the opportunity to engage with customers directly that you wouldn’t have found before.
Above, are just some tips that can help your overall SEO efforts by using the power of Social Media. Do the basics as you would be surprised how these simple tips can help you increase your overall customer reach. If you have any tips that you would like to share, please feel free and as always contact the team at Mind Digital Group for any of your Social Media marketing needs.

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