5 Reasons To Choose Drupal Development

By admin December 1, 2014
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The demand for Drupal development service providers and Drupal development professionals is consistently on the rise which clearly indicates the popularity that the Drupal CMS (Content Management System) has within the market today. The Drupal CMS is becoming a leading choice for companies and organizations that are looking for a robust, secure and highly functional CMS platform for both small and large websites. With so many choices available, we will take a look at why Drupal development has become one of the leading choices in the market amongst all the other CMS platforms that are available today.

Supports Numerous Frameworks
One of the best features that the Drupal CMS offers is the ability to support multiple software frameworks such as Flash, Flex, Ajax, Java, PHP as well as multiple web servers such as Apache, MySQL, SQLite, MariaDB and many more. By having so many options and the ability to support multiple software frameworks, opting for Drupal development is a safe choice no matter what software you need it to integrate with.

Multiple Templates & Themes
If you are looking for an out-of the box solution that can quickly get running and something that is cost-effective, Drupal is a great CMS choice. Drupal has tons of free and paid for themes and templates that are easily available allowing you to achieve maximum results even if you are short on time and budget making Drupal development a great choice. On the other hand, if you want something customized, you can easily design and integrate a customized HTML design into Drupal without any issues.

Easy to Install
Everyone loves simplicity and that is what you get when you choose to go with the Drupal CMS platform. The Drupal CMS platform can be easily installed without any issues even if you have little or no technical background making Drupal development a safe choice for your business no matter how big or small you may be.

Updates & Support
Since the Drupal CMS has so many users across the globe that are very passionate about this CMS platform, consistent updates and support are easily available. There is a very large and active support community that can easily be tapped into if you have any technical problems or are looking for assistance with any type of Drupal development. In addition, constant features and security updates are being pushed out to Drupal users across the globe which allows you to have the most up to date CMS at all times.

Cost Effective
Everyone wants the best technology without having to spend much on it. Since the Drupal CMS is fully open-source and free, you don’t have to worry about any licensing, royalties or administrative fees when you choose to go with Drupal development for your CMS needs. By choosing to go with Drupal, you are getting a world-class CMS without having to spend world-class money to get it.

You won’t be disappointed by choosing to go with the Drupal CMS for your business no matter what size of business you are. Drupal is robust, free, secure, highly-functional, open-source, has an umpteen amount of features and is a great CMS platform that can be relied upon even for the most technical or large-scale websites. Ensure that any company you choose to work with to help you with your Drupal development has the necessary technical expertise and experience to deliver outstanding results with this brilliant CMS. If you are looking for a reliable, trusted and experienced Drupal development partner, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group for any of your development needs.

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