5 Things To Consider In Offshore Web Development

5 Things To Consider In Offshore Web Development

By admin October 16, 2014
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We all learn valuable lessons from the mistakes we make in our lives. However, when it comes to our business, we do not want to be penny-wise-pound-foolish and definitely want to make ‘smart’ choices in game changing business decisions. Some of our ‘smart-choices’ are pushing us to look for web development companies or providers across countries and various geographical boundaries. Our search for the right mix of talent, proficiency and cost effectiveness are taking us towards the option of offshore web development.

Many IT industries around the globe are providing specialized IT services such as web development, Ecommerce solutions, design solutions and digital marketing services. Offshore web development companies in India specifically are providing products and services at a competitive price and it is becoming a game changer in the operating cost of a business and its sustainability factor. However, it is advisable to check-out the offshore development company and its entailing aspects before signing the dotted line. Here is a list of the top five things one should tick-off before choosing an offshore web development company to work with:

1. Reliability – Choose wisely and focus on ‘quality’. In the process, if you are making any cost savings treat it as an added bonus. Employ and choose the best heads in the industry and not the cheapest. For example, there are many mid-cap companies and software giant’s based out of India who provide offshore web development services, but chose a provider who has thorough knowledge and expertise in this area. Research their portfolio and client-history and take a final decision. Think about long-term goals and not short term gratification to create a win-win situation for the future for everyone involved.

2. Overcoming Cultural Barrier – When you opt for an offshore web development company, often you may face a cultural barrier. How will you overcome the three challenges that are culture, language and time-zone differences?

Cultural Difference – With offshore web development companies, there is bound to be certain cultural differences. That is why it is better to choose companies who have stakeholders and resources that have worked and lived abroad and share the same business-ethics as you do. Even better if they have an onshore presence local to you.

Language Difference – Language difference can prove to be an immovable stumbling block as the need for effective communication is imperative for the success of any business venture. Do make sure that the offshore web development company you have chosen has invested on resources who are effective communicators who serve as a fulcrum of the team. Otherwise the selected provider would soon become a liability rather than being an asset to your growth path.

Time Zone Difference – This is one difference which you cannot do much about. Make sure that you get a few overlapping hours between your country’s time-zone and your offshore service provider. Also, ask the offshore service provider you are working with if they can perhaps change the working hours of the staff that are dealing with your project. You would be surprised on how flexible these providers can be.

Experience & Qualified Resources – Many countries providing offshore web development services hire high-calibre and qualified web developers, designers and so on. Selecting the right-kind of offshore web development company will yield positive returns at every milestone of your business requirement. Ensure that the company you are working with has the technical expertise and experience to deliver the goods.

3. Effective Planning &Strategy – When you start looking for a reliable and efficient provider, you may find multitudes of these through a simple online search. To separate the wheat from the chaff,during the discussion phase with the prospective offshore company, do take cognizance of the planning and strategy the company showcases to you before taking a final decision. A thoroughly strategized and well-planned offshore web development provider is more likely to overcome hurdles and bumps smoothly.

4. Cost-effectiveness & due diligence – Speak to the managers who would be handling your project and find out the best business practices followed at the company. Time to time due diligence of the assigned work will also save you time and money at the end. Place all the cards on the table and discuss the cost-effectiveness of working with them and why you should choose them over anyone else.

It’s not an easy task when you are looking for a good company to work with. However, if you read through the list we have provided and select a company who meet most of the aforesaid criteria, chances are that you will be happy with the decision you make. If you exercise time, patience and due diligence, the results can be phenomenal when you work with an offshore web development provider. If you are looking for a reliable, trusted and experienced offshore web development company, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group

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