A Comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaign Can Do Wonders

A Comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaign Can Do Wonders

By admin March 4, 2014
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Very few companies and brands have global recognition. There is only one Coca Cola, one Apple, one Sony, and one McDonalds. There might be hundreds of brands that will ring a bell with consumers but there are millions of companies out there. Every year, new businesses join the existing hordes and try to stand out from the clutter. How do new companies and small enterprises with limited finances accomplish this or even try to? Digital marketing is a highly effective, flexible tool that can be deployed to this end. The cost of digital marketing varies to suit all pockets and companies of all sizes. So, unlike traditional advertising which can be highly expensive (consider ad rates during the Super Bowl or the Olympics) and therefore an option that is available to Fortune 1,000 companies and the like, the digital marketing option is available to companies of all sizes.

Digital marketing encompasses a range of activities including paid advertising, email marketing, display re-targeting, SEO, news/PR releases, and social media promotion. With digital marketing, you can measure the ROI very accurately and ensure that your marketing budget is being well spent. Since millions of customers (either existing or potential) are online interacting and sharing experiences with their friends, relations, and colleagues via Social Media. Companies who are present on social media can reach out to these customers directly and intimately. Those who are not present on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ are essentially sending a negative message about themselves to customers.

If companies choose to remain absent from Social Media, they are losing out on an opportunity to build relationships and enhance their credibility with customers. When you want to advertise a new product or something unique about the company such as a green initiative, as an example you can create a cool video about it and upload to YouTube. If it’s a great video that the online audience takes a liking to, then millions will watch it and spread it to their friends and beyond thus volunteering to be your brand ambassadors. Another area that is gaining traction is online reviews with E-commerce retailers like Amazon leading the way. The popularity of Yelp and Tripadvisor show the potential benefits and importance of having good online reviews for your company.

You can even keep track of what the competition is up to by setting up Google alerts. This helps you stay up to date about new products or marketing strategies from the competition. The company website is often the first point of contact between a company and a customer. Therefore, to make a great first impression, the website should be suitably impressive. For E-commerce companies, the website is their showroom as well. Customers expect nothing less than a first-rate experience from E-commerce websites now a days. Amazon and EBay have raised the bar for everyone to try and live up to. With many technology and platform options available, it is incredibly easy for even very small or specialized E-commerce retailers to make great impressions with customers by having a rocking website with all the bells and whistles such as shopping carts, multiple payment options and so on.

The bottom-line therefore is that a comprehensive (and sustained) digital marketing campaign pursued in a thorough and professional manner will lead to more awareness about a company among customers who choose to spend any amount of time online. This will surely do wonders for any company including increasing the top and bottom-line. If you need any help or assistance with your digital strategy then feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group for any of your digital needs.

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