Brand Awareness Through Social Media

Brand Awareness Through Social Media

By admin June 9, 2014
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Many business owners are confused whether they need Social Media or not. This question is very natural because everyone is constantly hearing about Social Media, however they do not know the power of Social Media. Social Media was introduced as an easy way to keep in touch with your friends and family. Today, this has completely changed as it’s a way to keep in touch with not only friends/family but also your customers and potential customers. You would be shocked about what gets shared and what people are talking about which can become viral overnight. Recent example of things that have gone viral are: American Greetings video on the hardest job in the world dedicated to Mothers, Oreo’s dunk in the dark Tweet during the Super Bowl that everyone heard about are just two simple examples of the power that Social Media has.

Many website owners think that Social Media is only useful to increase traffic to their website. It’s true that Social Media gives you a huge number of new visitors but if used correctly, it can help with making your brand more popular and heard of. We are all looking for new ways to increase our business and online marketing is getting very popular nowadays globally. Social Media marketing is a part of online marketing but people mostly think that all you need to do is publish news online through your Social Media accounts and you are good to go. However, you need to attract customers and engage them by providing valuable information about your products, services, or anything else that can help Social Media users. Some examples are things such as content on; “How to” articles, “Tips” on various things are all good examples of good content that people like to read and share on Social Media. Always ask yourself, would I actually read this? Below, are some example of what you can do to help your Social Media efforts:

Recognize & Locate Your Customer – This may sound simple and self-explanatory however the first thing you need to do is recognize WHO is your customer? Who will be interested in your product or services that you are offering? Where are these customers spending their time online, is on it forums, blogs? These are just 3 simple examples of questions you need to ask yourself which will allow you to create an effective and targeted Social Media strategy. Recgonize your target customer and see where they are online is the most critical point of Social Media

Engaging Your Customer – You have found who your customers are, where they are spending their time and they are now following you on Social Media, great!! The next step is to engage these customers in conversations in various ways. Post photos of your products or services, tweet your followers and mention them directly, provide them valuable information that they can then share online amongst their networks. If someone is happy about your brand or a product or service they have used from you, thank them and if they are complaining about your brand, then listen to their complaint and resolve it for them. You would be surprised how quickly you can turn-around a complaining customer into a brand advocate by engaging with them through Social Media.

Research – Ensure that you are taking out time to research your target audience so you can keep a track of what your customers are doing online. Collect data in the form of polls, competitions, general feedback or questions and ask your customers to review your products or services by providing feedback to you directly. Gather as much information as you can which will help you understand and therefore help you target your customers better.

Keep On Sharing – Share as much as you can with your customers and these customers will in turn help you attract more customers through awareness. The more people that hear about your brand, products, services, the more people will contact you regarding your products or services. With any business, happy customers will bring more customers and Social Media is one of the most powerful ways to amplify the voice of happy customers.

Follow your Competitors – You are not the only one who is taking advantage of Social Media. It’s very important to keep an eye on competitors to see what they are doing well and not so well. This will allow you to get new ideas as well as help you to stay away from things that do not work. There are many tools which can help you analyze and see what your competitors are doing which can definitely be helpful for your business.

Social Media is a very powerful tool for your marketing when used effectively. Today, it is very important that every business small or large needs to be engaging with their customers and potential customers online with the help of Social Media. Effective Social Media marketing can be done with some thought and research around your customers and what they are looking for. Its not rocket science by any means and you can always find lots of help online by doing a quick Google search. If you need any help with your Social Media or any other type of digital marketing, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group. We are always more than happy to assist you in being more “Social.”

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