Custom Website Design And Online Promotion Go Hand-In-Hand

By admin February 17, 2014
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Custom website design lets you put the message out in the most effective and unique manner possible. This may be tough to accomplish with website templates. Custom website designs are highly flexible and adapt to your precise and evolving business needs. Your custom website, if done right, will be scalable. Custom websites are a better choice compared to website templates if you want to stand out among the clutter of millions of websites out there. The only way to remain memorable is to have a unique website.

With a custom website design, you’ll be able to implement best SEO practices which have become ever more important with the torrent of recent changes to Google’s algorithm. A custom responsive website design will do the trick as far as multiple screen sizes are concerned. In 2014, you do not want to pretend that mobile internet is the wave of the future. Indeed, 3 billion mobile devices were sold last year as compared to about 300 million PCs. So the trend line is pretty clear. Custom website design becomes an even more attractive option as the languages and frameworks are all available for free: whether it’s PHP, LAMP, Ruby on Rails, and J2EE and so on. With custom website design, you get to choose whether you want to incorporate elements of parallax design onto your homepage or flat design. You also get complete independence about what web fonts to use and whether you want features such as infinite scrolling in your website. If your website is related to restaurants or the other business categories that have been affected by the roll out of Google Local Carousel, having a custom website means that you’ll be able to incorporate changes to the website as Google keeps tweaking its search algorithm.

Online promotion goes hand-in-hand with the creation of your website. Even before online promotion can begin, the website should be search engine optimized to make it easy for search engines to find it. Online promotion takes a variety of forms including listing your business on Google Business Listing. You can let visitors to your website join a free email newsletter group. You can create a free ebook and give it to website visitors for free. You may ask visitors to leave their emails on your website to get the free ebook. In this way, you’ll get email ids of people who can subsequently receive your email newsletters. Create a presence for your business website on social media — a Facebook page that people can ‘Like,’ a Twitter account, a LinkedIn account, a Tumblr blog, a Pinterest account and an Instagram account — and then post content on those accounts regularly. Have an occasional (or regular) Twitter Q&A and try to make a hashtag trend). Run a Pinterest treasure hunt. Ask satisfied clients for testimonials which you can then post on your website. And create and upload videos to YouTube.

You can highlight your website by posting thoughtful comments on blogs and blog topics that are related to your business and leaving your website URL on those blog comments. You can also write guest posts on popular and reputed blogs where you get to list your website for free as part of your author bio. Having a Google+ page for your business website is a key online promotion strategy particularly in light of Google Local search features. Having Google+ pages will enable your users and customers to post their reviews and rate your business. These are relied on heavily by Google to come up with its rankings.

So, if you keep both custom website design and online promotion in mind, you’ll get yourself a website that customers will love as much as search engines. If you need any help or assistance with your website or online promotion, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital.

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